The Marketing O'Clock Podcast: Google's Product Review Update and More Digital Marketing News

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A new article on Search Engine Journal reports that the latest episode of the Marketing O'Clock podcast discussed Google's algo update, which rewards thorough product reviews. The episode also touches on project Bernanke, saying it raises even more anti-trust allegations against Google, and we hear about some new features from Google Ads.

In this week's episode, Greg Finn, Mark Saltarelli, and Christine "Shep" Zirnheld bring listeners the biggest digital marketing news of the week. You can tune into the Marketing O'Clock podcast either via your favorite podcast player or on YouTube.

Google's Product Reviews Algorithm Update

This update will reward product reviews that share more thorough, in-depth research of products. The update is already live and currently only affects English language reviews. Google's Danny Sullivan already confirmed that the update will impact Google Discover results as well as Search.

The insights tab is now out of beta and available in all Google Ads accounts

From the new insights tab, advertisers can see Search trends that may be associated with their business. Graphs will show how the trend is growing, and by clicking "Top Searches," advertisers can see queries related to the trend. This information could be used to set up new search campaigns that take advantage of emerging trends.

Also just announced, Google Ads will be offering more types of automated recommendations for advertisers who choose to opt-in. If you opt in, recommendations will be instantly applied to your account when Google's algorithms predict that they will improve performance.

Project Bernanke Raises Even More Anti-Trust Concerns

As revealed by documents filed for an unrelated lawsuit, Google has been using publisher data and historical auction data from other ad platforms using Google Ad Manager and Ad Mob to give its clients an unfair advantage in ad auctions. The program, called Project Bernanke, generated an estimated $230 million in 2013 alone.

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