New Report Looks at the Most Effective Influencer Marketing Approaches and Key Platforms of Focus

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A new article on Social Media Today says that if influencer marketing is part of your 2021 digital marketing plan, many brands feel the same, and newer platforms and formats making it more difficult to keep up with the latest trends and ensure that they're maximizing their messaging on every platform.

Apps like TikTok, especially, require specific audience knowledge and understanding if brands are going to tap into the organic feel and connect with the local audience. These are the tactics getting the most success with influencer marketing right now:

Linqia recently surveyed over 163 enterprise marketers and agency professionals from a variety of industries to learn more about their use of influencers. These are just some of the key findings.

First, the vast majority of those surveyed indicated that they're looking to increase their influencer marketing budget in 2021, following on from their experiences last year.

"71% of enterprise marketers who knew how the marketing budget would be allocated in 2021 said that their influencer marketing budgets would increase over 2020. That's a large increase from our 2020 report when only 57% said they planned to increase their budget."
It seems that more brands are seeing results from their influencer marketing efforts, which is further reinforced in relation to this question on influencer content versus brand-originated efforts.

Linqia also found that micro-influencers - those with between 5k and 100k followers - are the most common focus for brand campaigns.

"Micro-influencers have always been the top choice for marketers in our annual survey, but this year, there was even stronger demand for this powerful group. In this year's survey, 90% of marketers selected that they wanted to work with micro-influencers, up from 80% in 2020."
I'd be interested to hear your views and if this research aligns with your experiences!
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