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Need a suggestion guys ( and gals!)

I have created 126 niche ebooks that can be downloaded absolutely free:
=====> Download Free Niche Ebooks | Wingsofsuccess

I am in the process of converting each of these books into rebrandable
books...and everything should be ready by this month end.

Although the non-rebrandable books are free to download from the above
link, i am planning to charge around $10 per re-brandable book.

I am also planning to offer the entire package of 126 rebrandable books for
$197 (normally at $10, it would cost $1260)

Once everything is set, i will also be creating a WSO at 50% off.

I really want to give my visitors a great bargain,
but at the same time the price should justify the effort i have put in.

I want to know if i have priced this thing right or not. If not, what do you
think should be a fair price?

And if i create a WSO, would you guys be keen?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


PS: Feel free to download any book(s)
======> Download Free Niche Ebooks | Wingsofsuccess
and please give me your comments, good or bad!
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  • Profile picture of the author Corwinnx
    I tried this with brand new IM books I had written. It was a series of six or seven books all on IM. Each built on to the next one. I offered them with PLR and MRR for $77.00 as a WSO and it was a total flop.

    There could have been any number of reasons for this to have happened, bad timing, so-so copy.. I don't know.

    But I would test it with fewer books and a lower price first. Then see where to go from there.


    P.S. Sending a PM
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  • Profile picture of the author wingsofsuccess
    Hi Marcus

    That's a great suggestion!

    I could easily offer fewer books at a lower price. And that would give me a fair idea of what the market wants.

    Another thing thing that i need to consider is that all these books are non-IM. So there would be fewer takers.

    Your suggestion is definitely worth considering, Marcus. Thanks!

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    • Profile picture of the author Eric Lorence
      Read a couple of those ebooks and some of the stuff seems kind of familiar, did you use plr content?

      If so be careful about trying to sell it as original stuff, could be bad for the reputation, and probably not sell well as a WSO.

      These kinds of books however would be a great addition to a membership site.

      Also consider developing niche sites, monetized with CPA, Adsense, etc. and use the reports to build targeted lists.

      Just a suggestion, Good luck!
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      • Profile picture of the author wingsofsuccess
        Hi Eslorence

        A part of my books do contain PLR articles but they have been re-written completely by my in-house team of writers, as well as some freelance writers. I have tried to aim at a 85%-100% uniqueness using DupeFreePro.

        I have been very careful about duplicate content because i will be submitting the same articles to EZA this month, and really don't want any red-flags from them

        As you rightly suggested, i have actually created around 200 niche sites to go along with these free books (for capturing leads). The sites are already live, but i would launch them formally by this month end.

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    • Profile picture of the author SandyDuPlessis
      Hi Abhi,

      Are these books PLR books and articles that you have re-written, because I seem to recognize several of the names? If so, I think that I read somewhere that you cannot sell them as WSO's.

      At the same time - I would agree that they need to be sold in smaller quantities or even individually.

      PM on its way

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  • Profile picture of the author Gene Pimentel

    When you say "re-rebrandable", does that mean all the links in the ebook? Would we be allowed to edit the books as we see fit? If so, I would buy for the 50% off $197 deal. Otherwise, no.
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  • Profile picture of the author wingsofsuccess
    Hi Gene

    Each book has got around 4 affiliate ads. 3 in the beginning and 1 at the end. When you purchase the branding rights, you will be able to put your affiliate links in these Ads. So whenever someone clicks on the links and makes a purchase, you get paid.

    Since these are not PLR books, you cannot edit them.

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  • Profile picture of the author jeffster
    HI Abhi,
    I am definitely interested in some of those ebooks. I have membership sites on at least one of those niches. I wouldn't want the whole package though.

    If you separate them into niches I'd be more willing to buy the re-brandable version of them.

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    • Profile picture of the author wingsofsuccess
      Hi Jeff

      Yeah, based on other people's suggestions, i will be categorizing by books according to niches and offer them for rebranding.

      I should be launching my WSO around end September. So keep a watch!

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      • Profile picture of the author Greg Cooksley
        Hey Abhi,

        Why don't you consider making some of the titles available as
        PLR. Some marketers like Edmund Loh do very well with this sales


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        • Profile picture of the author wingsofsuccess
          Hi Greg

          I initially did consider offering my books as MRR or PLR, but the images i have used for these books are licensed. And if i have understood their licensing terms correctly, i am not allowed to resell the images, or any product that uses these images.

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          • Profile picture of the author Martha Richardson
            Abhi, since no one could make use of that many ebooks over a short period of time, why not consider creating a membership for your brandable ebooks?


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            • Profile picture of the author wingsofsuccess
              Hi Barry

              That's a great idea! While working on this project, i had so many different ideas, some brilliant ones, while some outrageously stupid! But i noted them all down because i wanted to finish my job at hand (phase I) and did not want to distract myself.

              In phase II, I would be looking at the feasibility of implementing these ideas and expand on what i have already done. Your membership idea is a great one, and it has moved to the top of my list! Thanks! Hope i am able to implement it!

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  • Profile picture of the author Gene Pimentel
    I would buy the entire set even without the image used on the cover, if they were plr and editable.
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    • Profile picture of the author wingsofsuccess
      Hi Gene

      Let me keep a close watch on this thread. If there a a few more takers for PLRs I will surely work something out!

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  • Profile picture of the author Lucy Weber
    I would be very interested in full PLR, but not rebranding.
    Lucy Weber Minisite and eCover Design! - Extremely high quality, affordable designs.

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    • Profile picture of the author wingsofsuccess
      Ok, so here's another one interested in PLR...!
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      • Profile picture of the author Greg Cooksley
        Hey Abhi,

        I would be interested in the PLR versions as well...

        You can drop the graphics as far as I'm concerned...


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  • Profile picture of the author Instructor
    I'd be interested in FULL PLR and do my own covers
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  • Profile picture of the author Andy LaPointe
    I too would be interested in the full PLR rights. I would use them in a membership site.

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  • Profile picture of the author Thomas Wilkinson
    I would split test this several ways. (I do it to everything) You
    could give a list of books and let the buyer choose 10 at 1 price,
    25 at a second, etc.

    When you hear someone telling you what YOU can't do, they are usually talking about what THEY can't do.
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  • Profile picture of the author davidorich
    i thnk i'd rather go for full PLR rights
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  • Profile picture of the author Samuel Lee
    Your ebooks cover a wide variety of topics so maybe you could group them into similar subject areas maybe group 5-10 ebooks on health and dietary tips, and 5-10 on sporting tactics and market them as seperate packs for more profit. Hope this helps!
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    • Profile picture of the author thinkrich
      So, some would buy full PLR...

      Some would like to become members of a membership site. Add new products monthly.

      Original Idea was to rebrand the ebooks and generate income from clicks within them.

      Ok, lets think...

      WHICH of these suggestions would make the most money for the most people?

      Membership site!

      So split them...

      One rebrandable product per month PLUS one PLR
      Two rebrandable products per month PLUS two PLR

      Mix it any way you want, but keep in mind this...
      DONT be greedy and keep all the money yourself.

      If you make it a membership site, that others would be happy to promote and
      everyone (except lazy affiliate members) makes money short term and long term.

      WIN-WIN all around.

      But fer goodness sake... make it AFFORDABLE.

      Not only that, but make it MARKETABLE!

      Lets see, @ $97 a month, you are not going to get many members
      @ $47 a month, you still arent
      @ $27 a month, its getting more affordable for MORE people...
      @ $19.95 a month, its within reach of most people

      Add A Premium level for those who want the extra PLR.

      Add in around 50% affiliate member payments and you and they get to earn more money over a much longer period than your original suggestion.

      I hope this makes sense.

      Coz it's sure gonna make a lotta dollars!

      "If we did all the things that we were capable of, we would literally astonish ourselves"
      Thomas Edison
      "Astonish yourself - start today!" << Me :)

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