Looking For Some Advice For Experienced Warriors.

by DWhyte
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Hello Everyone ,

I am pretty new to IM, however although I have just signed up to WF I have been loitering around the threads finding some excellent advice for which I thank you.

After researching the net for a while for "work at home opportunities" last week I signed upto ACME People Search. Does anyone have any experience with them or could give some advice? I have not really started promoting the company as yet as I want to learn as much as possible first, however their Forum seems to be brimming with good information and help. They also offer a 30day free trial.

I have also been learning as much as I can with regards to promoting Clickbank products and have came up with the following blueprint, I would really appreciate some feedback from you guys with this :

èResearch and choose a Clickbank product which is of interest, with good sales page as well as decent gravity.
èEnter the Affiliate Link into a Search Engine Submitter.
èSubmit the Affiliate Link into an Ad Directory (Word Blast, List Source)
èPut the WEB address of the sales page into Google Keyword Tool.
èTake note of all the relevant keywords.
èCreate a Squidoo or a Hub for the product with relevant keywords and a call to action.
èBegin writing Articles around the best keywords on the list and submit an equal amount to EZA and GOArticles. All the Articles submitted to EZA and GOAarticles will be unique. The keywords would be in the title, the 1st paragraph, again in the body of the article and also in the resource box with a strong call to action to direct to my Squidoo Lens or Hubpage.
èUse an Article Submitter to produce another unique Article to the other Article Directories (all these articles will be Identical).
èCreate a blog (Wordpress or Blogger). Create the blog with a different title and a different intro paragraph, however include the same txt as the Article and also include the affiliate link. Also put a link to the Article as well as a link to the Squidoo or Hubpage.
èUse the RSS feed from the Blog and add it to the Squidoo or Hubpage.
èBegin posting as many Classified Ads using relevant keywords.
èPost to Safelists.

When I get some money together, I will be looking to create my own landing page and begin using traffic exchanges, as well as PPC, however I am no where experienced enough to be using PPC....I have heard some horror stories.

I have searched around and found a free Auto Responder which is called Response-2.0, I have also checked out Mailchimp which is free, it is quite limited as it is free, however it does give you the opportunity to upgrade.

If there is anything that I am missing, please let me know.

Thanks . David
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