How to get accepted by ebay affiliate program

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I see that all topics regarding this matter are more than 10 years old.
Is there something new that you could share to help get accepted?
I already got rejected twice with 2 different types of websites. And it's quite frustrating.
Thanks in advance.
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    Did they give you a reason for the rejection


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    • Not at all. They always send a standard email reply. No particular reason why.
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    Ebay affiliate program is not available in all countries - could it be your country is not on the approved list?
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    Did you read Ebays requirements or trying contacting them asking why you were denied ?

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    I agree with what the others have stated.
    eBay is very strict about verifying people
    so you probably do not meet their criteria.
    Find another network/program and drive
    on. This is not a hill to die on.
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