To improve customer experience, it's a matter of voice

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A new article on reports that, from customer service to branded "personalities", voice tech is expanding what it means to speak with target audiences.

As part of this week's launch of MarTech, we are exploring key trends and tactics related to our six main topics. Today we look at an emerging trend in marketing Experience. Customers want to be heard, and the rise of voice assistants and audio channels are giving marketers more options to listen to them. In 2020, nearly 30% of consumers called a brand by phone for the first time. Many of the voice and audio technologies have been around for years. But as brands have adopted them, either to manage high volume during the pandemic or to gain a competitive edge, these technologies might have earned a permanent home in marketing stacks. Chris Greenough is CMO of CX support at technology company Everise:

"Technology kicks in to save you when the volume of customers rises. During the pandemic, companies have scaled chat volumes."
Warehouse retail chain BJ's Wholesale Club began working with Everise in the months prior to the pandemic without knowing how much they would be depending on the technology to manage the volume of incoming calls.

"You do need both people and technology to run all of this. For conversational solutions, you still need people to train the data and give voice to it to improve how it's architected."
BJ's stores are located mostly in the Northeast U.S. and down the East Coast, and the platform had to interpret different regionalisms and dialects within this relatively small area. It also has to be responsive to generational differences. Lana Pagnoux ia a Consultant for Everise:

"We launched the BJ's project right when the pandemic hit the United States. The project was initially to streamline the digital experience operation. It was a bit serendipitous that the project wasn't planned for COVID-19. The solution sort of answered any challenge they would have. Once the pandemic hit, there was a whole different set of KPIs. There's a wealth of conversational data that we feel is really insightful."
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  • Cool to see BJ's Wholesale Club gettin' ahead.

    Pandemic has sucked evrywan dry, so "personalities" fulla voice gonna stand out on the landscape bigger bcs they fulla more promise.

    Many are dead, plenty are jus' survivin' -- but if''n your business is bobbin' around any way healthy, sure you have plenty space to grow.

    Jus' gotta grab evry opportoonity, I guess.

    Speshly when there is any kinda "volume of incoming".

    Thanks to the pandemic, plenty people ain't had no incoming for months.

    Be interestin' to see how BJ's shapes up aftah alla their hungry customers got their hands on this latest nishtive.

    Gotta hope they see sum positive comeback for standin' so proud.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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