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Hello Friends, I am sanjay sharma from India. I am doing the online things in the past but due to failure in venture I turned to offline job and due to corona things i have already lost my Job. Now I am looking for opportunities to learn how to earn some money while sitting at Home.

I have 30 Years of experience of Accounting, Book Keeping and Taxes. I wanted to use this skill to earn money. But I have been working in India from 30 years so I do not know anything about the foreign countries accounting system.

I am a quick learner and I am sure that the accounting system of other countries are same as ours and if there is minor difference than i can learn it quick.

Would you guide me that to a course or site where they teach how to learn and earn through accounting system.

thanks in advance.

sanjay sharma
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    Your goal may be an overreach - I don't think there is an 'accounting course or site' that will teach you accounting practices of 'foreign countries',

    If you have a specific country in mind - you could learn the legal and practical accounting practices in THAT country but each country will be different in requirements for accounting professionals.

    I think it could be difficult to find any business owner willing to hire an accountant online that is in another country. The financial/tax aspects of a business are too critical - and finding a qualified accountant is not difficult least in the US.

    That said, you might be able to focus on a specialty (small business? online business?) focused business in your own country and acquire clients by competing in price and service.
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    Check out the Pitch queen on Instagram ,she shares tips and insights on a daily basis.
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    Try looking at the accounting courses being taught in the US. Two good sites that have accounting courses. Plus you can take the free options - or

    Here is an idea to sign up for work in your country. I do not know the volume of work however.
    Sign up for Just Answer - You do have to verify your skills and their is a back ground check. Tit takes about 2 weeks to get approved

    They are a legitimate company that pays every 30 days. You do have to spend time on the computer and compete with other experts at times. Know your stuff and prove it they move you into a higher pricing tier. Which means you make more money.

    Want to earn 10% average annual returns,16x more than typical bank money market rates?
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    Forty years ago, I took business accounting and my eyes glazed
    over when the lesson required factoring depreciation of the office
    equipment. I dropped that class and took medical terminology,
    which I loved.

    You are coming from a position of desperation to think that you
    should offer your accounting services to other countries when
    you are situated in a nation with a population of 1.4 billion. You
    don't need to learn some other country's accounting systems,
    right now you need to work with what you already know.

    You said you did some online things in the past. If I were you I
    would get online with a website or social media, place some ads
    and find new clients that require your accounting, bookkeeping
    and tax preparation services. I am certain that there are many
    people who need you right now.

    Figure something out and don't come from a position of woe and
    desperation. Take the stance of making a pivot and the ability to
    help a variety of business owners with their accounting needs.
    Setup something where you can charge a recurring fee so that
    you will have a steady income. Things might be slow at first but
    I think that you will be fine in a few months.
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    Thanks all of you for reply of my question.

    I have seen that the accounting services is offered in every single freelancing platform like etc. And I see that the majority of the accounting work done by the person who live outside US for the US Businessmen. That is how I got the idea to work for foreign countries or US and that is why why I am looking to earn some money from these freelancing platform.

    I again really appreciate your answers which helps me but I am particular looking for 10 minutes chat to clarify that how US accounting is different from India. and sell my services on and other platform.

    If you can guide me or give me direction to go myself than I really appreciate you.

    with warm regards,

    Sanjay Sharma
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