Which is the best money making program

by mysteryleaves 12 replies
Iam looking for a real money making program no scams please.

anyone suggest the best thank you

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    IMHO OPINION, it's offline niche marketing.

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    Originally Posted by mysteryleaves View Post

    Iam looking for a real money making program no scams please.

    anyone suggest the best thank you

    How much money do you want to make and how do you want to spend your time making it?

    nothing to see here.

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    l have limited time only weekends as l work a 70 hour week
    l dont mind investing a little money and some time
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    Check out my signature? You get $1 for each referral and yet you get tons of tutorials on Internet Marketing..

    Personally I don't think you should consider investing your own money. Keep that for yourself. There are thousands of people who are willing to pay you for a lot of things. Look out for these people and do some form of trading..

    The link in my signature is a Challenge Program issued by Russel Brunson. He's paying every single leads for $1. Once you learn to make $1. Repeat the steps, built and learn new strategies to get more people and keep repeating it.

    Visit my blog for some reads on it.... http://www.fadzuli.com

    On the way to be a better marketeer each day

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      The only person who can answer that question is YOU.
      What are your talents and abilities, what do you like to
      do? Do you like to work with people, then get into web
      design. Are you good at writing, then do that.

      I could lay out a 100% perfect money making business
      plan that works for me but another person will NOT be
      able to implement it due to the variables - personality,
      skills, resources, etc.

      Again, figure out what you can do and do it
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    Hey Paul,

    Check out my link below. This company is the first in the world to introduce DNA customized nutrition to the market place. They are a PATENT and no company will be able to do this ever.

    This is a network marekting opportunity and you have the opportunity to become one of the FOUNDING affiliates since they launched this year.

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    You really need to look at your own pre-existing skills
    and interests to find the BEST fit for you.

    Are you looking to supplement your income and make
    a couple hundred bucks a month? Or are you looking
    for a way to leave your job and replace your income?

    If you are looking for a new full-time career as a
    MARKETER (which is something that all home business owners
    must be if they want to succeed) then you'll also
    naturally come to terms with the fact that salesmanship
    is a necessary skill and worth cultivating.

    Without salesmanship in some form you'll make a feeble
    amount of money... so erase all negative stereotypes in
    your brain regarding any distaste for sales and also the
    notion that you are not good at it.

    Salesmanship can also take the written form and with
    regard to the internet you'll want to learn how to make
    blogs and operate an auto-responder system (like Aweber
    or Icontact) at the very minimum. A diligent study of
    the literature of Advertising is like putting money in the
    bank in this area. The 1st book to read is Scientific
    Advertising (free download easy to find) by Claude C.

    Read Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz too.

    With those two books under your belt you will be
    immeasurably better equipped to succeed with any
    opportunity you choose to pursue.

    Good Luck.
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      I think a good network marketing company will be a good start for you. Just make sure you are sponsored by someone who will give you the training and support that you'll need and you will be fine.

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        Poem - Proverb LOL ....

        "I don't know if you know it feller ...
        but the answer to this is a Million Seller"

        Hope you get your answer.
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    Speaking of the book...Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. It is indeed a very good book. When I first heard about it I was turned off by the title, but when I started to read it... I could not put it down. It's definitely capable of changing someones life.
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    That's the easiest question ever, obviously it's the one I released. Check my signature - buy my stuff - seriously, stop reading and buy it. What? There's no link there... damn it...

    I want to agree that it's offline marketing - leave me alone, I don't need anymore competition than I already have.

    In all seriousness just start reading about affiliate marketing... it's a bad ass way to lay the foundation for releasing your own products in the future for lots of reasons - the main one being you get paid. It's like getting paid to learn how to get paid more... now that's some deep tribal hippie shit. Word.
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