HELP! 90% Spanish Leads from Facebook?

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I am currently running ads for Botox, Fillers, and Body Sculpting on Facebook. Our spend is quite high, in the 10's of thousands per month. We have advanced targeting AI tools that capture web traffic and upload them to segmented audiences. We receive hundreds of form-fill leads per month for cheap. The majority, 85-95% of our leads are Spanish / Portuguese speaking. It really doesn't matter what ethnicity our patients are, it's just that we only have a couple of bi-lingual staff members. What I don't understand is that the Spanish-speaking population of our state in which we run ads is around 11% - about 770,000 people.

I don't understand how 90% of our leads are Spanish-speaking. I know this because I can look up the names and see that their Facebook profile is in Spanish and they either don't answer the phone or answer in Spanish. The ads deliver in English UK & US, the ad copy is in English, the consultants leave voicemails in English, the email communication is in English - so I really don't blame these leads for not responding. Our conversion rate with primarily Spanish-speaking leads is horrible - around 4-5% if we're lucky. Has anyone else experienced a similar phenomenon with Facebook leads?
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