Google just agreed to not favor its own products in commitments with UK regulator on FLoC

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A new article on reports that, depending on how the engagement plays out, this could mean that Google doesn't implement FLoC as quickly as anticipated.

Google just agreed to work with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), which is a UK regulator, on their Privacy Sandbox. The CMA launched an investigation into Google's FLoC in January of this year when advertisers voiced concerns about both the privacy and competition implications of Google eliminated third-party cookies in Chrome. This from the CMA website:

"The CMA was concerned that, without regulatory oversight and scrutiny, Google's alternatives could be developed and implemented in ways that impede competition in digital advertising markets."
The idea is that if Google has full control over how advertisers and publishers use data, then there is little insight into how the data is used:

"This would cause advertising spending to become even more concentrated on Google, harming consumers who ultimately pay for the cost of advertising."
The CMA is now reviewing Google's commitments and says, "If accepted, the commitments would be legally binding." Google agreed, among other things, that it "will not discriminate against its rivals in favour of its own advertising and ad-tech businesses when designing or operating the alternatives to third-party cookies"; and further that it will "implement the proposals in a way that avoids distortions to competition and the imposition of unfair terms on Chrome users."

Google has now committed to not giving themselves any advantages:

"As the Privacy Sandbox proposals are developed and implemented, that work will not give preferential treatment or advantage to Google's advertising products or to Google's own sites."
A Google spokesperson told Search Engine Land:

"This marks the start of a public consultation on these commitments and if they are formally accepted at the end of this process, we will apply them globally. It's also the first-of-its-kind investigation combining forces from both the competition and privacy regulators."
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