All Google Merchants Can Now Accept Payment Via Shopify

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A new article on Search Engine Journal reports that Shopify checkout is becoming available to all retailers selling on Google and Facebook, even if they don't use Shopify.

All Google, Facebook, and Instagram merchants will soon be able to accept payment via Shopify, even if they don't have a Shopify store. Shop Pay, a one-click checkout solution for online retailers, is going to become the first Shopify product that can be used by non-Shopify merchants. This expansion is part of a larger goal for Shop Pay to establish itself as the preferred checkout for all merchants on the web:

"Each day, more than 1.8 billion people log on to Facebook and a billion shopping sessions take place across Google. By bringing Shop Pay to all merchants regardless of the commerce platform they use, we're making an industry-leading checkout more accessible to independent brands at a time when finding and converting customers has never been more important."
Retailers who offer Shop Pay as their checkout solution get access to the following benefits:
  • Faster payments: Checking out with Shop Pay is 70% faster than a typical checkout, with a 1.72x higher conversion rate.
  • Order tracking: Global order tracking enables consumers to track all of their important purchases, receive updates, and manage orders with Shopify's shopping assistant.
  • In addition, Shopify notes that Shop Pay is one of the first carbon-neutral ways to pay, as 1005 of the delivery emissions are offset for every order.

Carl Rivera is VP of Product at Shopify:

"According to studies, cart abandonment averages 70%, with nearly 20% occurring because of a complicated checkout process. Shop Pay makes that process fast and simple, and the expansion to all merchants selling on Facebook and Google is a mission-critical step in bringing a best-in-class checkout to every consumer, every merchant, every platform, and every device."
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