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Hi warriors,

My team has created a 1.2 mil person email list that we currently use. We are looking to add email blasts with new products to change up the content. How would we go about renting out our list to people?
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    Is the list all from one specific niche?

    You could sell solo ads on a site like UDIMI or add a page to your website with the option to purchase.

    You can sell them for so much per like, like 40 or 50 cents per click, or a one time fee to send a blast to your list.

    I hope that helps.
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    What niche was the list built around?
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    I'm not sure if you can do it, are those people aware and agree that you will share their personal information with other people?
    What niche was the list build for?

    So strange that some people ask questions and absolutely don't care about the answers.
    Then why are you asking?
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    "Created" the email list how?

    Are all of these people single or double opt-ins that agreed to be added to your email list?

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    Solo ads is a good option. Find people who will be interested in marketing to the type of people you have on the list.
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    How did you generate this list?

    Are they in some kind of compliant auto responder?

    Do you have permission to email them?

    Have they agreed to be part of a news letter?

    Are they all related to one niche?

    How old are these leads?

    Too many unanswered questions to give you solid advice
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    Can you please share open and click rates of your list?
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