How to prevent PDF auto-download when link is clicked in Search

by Mkre
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Hi all,

Wondering if anyone can advise on how to prevent PDFs from auto-downloading when a user finds them in search? For context, I'm not wondering about this from a user-who-is-searching perspective (I know any one can change their settings in Chrome, etc if they prefer that autodownloads not occur); I mean from an SEO/site traffic standpoint, I want users to have to arrive on my company's site before they get the chance to download the PDF without needing to gate content behind registration. I work for a company that has forums providing technical guidance and troubleshooting PDFs; and oftentimes these PDFs are showing up high in search and users are clicking the URL that auto-downloads the PDF, rather than arriving on a page that contains the PDF. I'd prefer that to get them onto our site first before they download the PDF to help with our site traffic, but right now they are bypassing that step and it is resulting in lost traffic. Any advise will be appreciated. Thank you!
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