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Should I stay away from products whose sales pages contain an opt-in?

Does the credit go to the seller and I don't get anything?

If so, how do other affiliates earn their commission?

And if I will get my commission, how long it takes until the sale is done after the email Sequences that the seller send to the customer
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    I would go to the sales page via my affiliate link and sign up for the newsletter. When I start getting promotions click on the link go to the checkout page and see if your Clickbank id is listed as the referrer.


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    When Presale Opt-In Forms are a Distraction

    These prospects are more cold than the winter - a program I promote doesn't have opt-in bs aka before the transaction is made. When they opt-in after the sale is made, I get them associated with my Associate ID and receive credit on upsells. Isn't that a thing of beauty?

    George Troy Marketing on Youtube

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    I always send traffic to my opt in page. I never send traffic direct to a product and would not send traffic to a vendor opt in page to help build their list.

    Most people don't buy the first time they see your offer.

    Follow up using email Marketing
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    Like Rory said, affiliate marketers tend to send the traffic directly to their own opt-in list.

    The tactic is, after they opt-in to YOUR list (if you're promoting said affiliate product), they are then immediately redirected (via your affiliate link) to the product that you are promoting.

    So, in the case that the visitor to the sales page ends up subscribing to the vendor's list, at least you have them on your list as well.

    If the product you may promote ends up being a dud, you can always redirect that traffic to a new offer or a new opt-in (a new list you created...see?) so you can still potentially take advantage of those past subscribers.

    You can control your subscriber's list for the most part in affiliate marketing. But, by direct linking to the sales page, you're at the mercy of the vendor's copy (sales page).

    Either way you decide, be careful.
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    It's always a good idea to build your email list first before you build the email list of another person. After you have them on your list you can send them offers as much as you like. These can be your offers or other offers from other people.

    If I found an offer that had an opt-in page I would probably skip it and find something else just to be on the safe side. You don't want to send all that traffic to not be paid for it.
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    I specifically look for CB products that do not have the Vendors optin form on their Copy. I have been tempted in the past because the product looked so good and it was great Copy but just stuck by my Rule.
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      I have tested the pages with the opt-in form to see if the emails from the vendor have my affiliate ID and I found out that some offers actually sent my affiliate ID, but just on the first email of their sequence, which is not ideal.

      If you send traffic to a funnel with two opt-in pages (one for your list and the next one for the vendor's list) you are basically competing with the vendor for the sale, I try to avoid building the vendor's list.
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    Many (of the good ones anyway) affiliate programs have a "tools" page where you can choose from different landing pages.

    However as long as the cookie sticks and the product owner has a good sequence it can really increase your sales with almost no additional work on your part.

    Message them and ask!
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