Yelp just launched a new platform: Yelp Audiences

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A new article on reports that Yelp has launched Yelp Audiences to connect national and regional advertisers with consumers based on Yelp search activity. That creates the opportunity to target high intent Yelp users outside the Yelp platform and at any stage in the purchase cycle.

By working directly with advertisers, Yelp reduces the need for them to purchase consumer data from third parties. Yelp Audiences also protects user privacy by not sharing personally identifying information with advertisers. Yelp partners with DSPs to target ads based on Yelp searches.

Yelp announced Yelp Audiences, which is a new way to help national and regional advertisers connect with consumers across the web-based on Yelp search activity. Yelp Audiences offers an opportunity for location-based, direct-to-consumer, consumer packaged goods, and online advertisers to reach Yelp's high-intent audience at all stages of the buying cycle.

Tom Foran is Yelp's SVP and Head of GTM, National:

"Yelp has this really unique audience of down-funnel, high purchase intent consumers. To date, we have allowed brands to access them through a suite of advertising products on Yelp's apps and websites. With Yelp Audiences we're able to extend the ability to reach that highly desired audience off of the Yelp platform, enabling a brand to use their own creative and tracking to accomplish their marketing goals. The combination of the native Yelp ad products and this new reach is what most excites us about Yelp Audiences.

In the past, we've seen great results from our Yelp advertising products for major brands. That said, we've also seen demand from the marketplace to do more than what our existing products could offer. With Yelp Audiences, we're trying to meet the market demand and expand the value of the Yelp audience outside of Yelp owned and operated platforms, across the web, mobile and connected TV.

Additionally, this creates an opportunity for non-location based brands to reach Yelp's high-intent audience. Prior to this release, non-location based brands haven't been able to leverage Yelp because, since the beginning, we've been focused on driving consumers to businesses with physical locations or those that provide local services. Now with Yelp Audiences, advertisers in a variety of verticals -- including direct-to-consumer, credit card companies, beverage businesses, or consumer packaged goods companies -- can engage Yelp's users in a way they haven't previously been able to on Yelp."
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    Yes, It would be good as Yelp Audience Network enables us to run ads on third-party sites, but clicking on ads takes users to the Yelp business page.

    With Yelp Audiences, the ad does not have to lead consumers back to Yelp's platform, making it useful for advertisers in more verticals.
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