Can anyone recommend a graphics package, plr, for SEO/internet marketing?

by asc
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I am looking for one of those massive packages with seo and internet marketing slogans, top tips, those sort of things. Graphics for insta, pinterest, linkedin etc.

I have seen those business in a box type ones, and thought they would be available everywhere. They probably are but I cannot seem to find ones. I ask on social media and just get berated wtih graphics freelances etc.

I am not looking to reinvent the wheel. Just a stack of images that are probably already circulated, that I can reuse to an audience that have probably not seen most of them anyway.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? PLR so it can be edited or have a logo added...that sort of thing.

Any thoughts please?
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    Originally Posted by asc View Post

    I ask on social media and just get berated with graphics freelances etc.
    You're risking the same problem here. I just googled "marketing graphics PLR" and got some results that looked like they could fit the bill.

    Might be easier than dealing with PM pitches..
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    Not sure if it's what you're looking for, but Alice Seba has some great stuff.
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    I'm a member of and they have several graphics packs for internet marketing. You might also sign up for the pro account on canva. It's around $10 per month and you can use the images commercially.
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    You can see their service amadine is the most popular graphic design provider.
    here is their website:
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