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Well, I just got my butt chewed royally by "she who shall remain nameless" about this whole relationship marketing thing, and you know what? Pffft.

See, I'm like this...if you create a relationship with someone, it has to happen naturally. You can't force it...even or especially just so you can market to them. That's what you think too? Good. I knew you were smart.

And relationships take time. Lots of it. I mean, think about it...who among you created a perfect relationship with your spouse or significant other overnight?

I'm not stupid. I know you have to get out and meet people, talk to them, get to know them if you want to begin forming relationships - but suddenly popping in places you've never been before, doing things you've never done before - that can get ya into a bunch of trouble fast.

Why? Because you're mixing with groups you haven't already formed a "relationship" with and they're gonna be pissed if you just jump in all of a sudden and start doing things on their stomping ground, ya know?

Anyway, what started this whole mess was me, of course <eye roll>, saying I hadn't been able to succeed at the whole IM game because I wasn't willing to do what it takes to succeed...meaning form relationships.

See, I'm one of those loner type peoples who prefers to hang out behind my monitor, read, write, create, and just play. I love to pop onto a forum (like this one) once in a while and "have fun" with the players, but to try and force some sort of bond?

No way. That just ain't me. It either happens or it don't.

But...I don't talk much here. I'm a chronic lurker because most days I don't feel I have much to say, much to add to the conversation, so I stay mum. But you can bet your sweet bippy I'm reading. Absorbing.

A mumbled, "That's true." or "Right on, dog!" comment don't cut it for me. I don't LIKE to make one-line posts. It just feels "fake" I'm trying to wriggle into someplace I don't belong.

But when I get started answering a post I do feel like I know something about, I like to ramble on forever and But who wants to read so much, huh? Most times I type my pages long reply, delete it, and move on to read more.

When I do post, like today with this post, I'm not trying to be "serious", you know? I'm just rambling, goofing off a bit. Am I wasting people's time with my psycho antics, posting for no other reason than to ramble? Or is that what's considered "relationship building" and I just missed the point? <shrug> I dunno.

All I know is, I stay quiet here, for the most part, but I am here. I am here, and I've been here a while, and I know things. I have skills. I use them once in a while too (shock of shocks!). I feel like I've come to "know" some of you from your posts and such.

But I realize now that I've not really made it possible for anyone here to get to know me...even though I have marketed to you. So, consider this fair warning. I'm about to expose myself live on the Warrior Forum!

Not that way, you gimp. LOL. Get your mind out of the gutter and back on this post where it belongs. Now...

In the interest of "forming relationships" and "networking" with those of you here on the Warrior Forum, many of whom I admire and look up to, I'm going to attempt to make at least one meaningful post a day here.

Feel free to ignore it, but I promise to sneak something cool into each one so you'll miss out if you do. A tip or a secret, or just a wouldn't wanna miss the chance to guffaw, now would you?

Hey, even if you're laughing "at" me cause I'm such an idiot I don't know better than to post about my total and complete ignorance, you're still laughing, right? Right. goes. Let me be exposed. And let it be good. LOL Who knows? Maybe I'll learn something!

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