Curious: What's your favorite way to prospect for consulting clients?

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For us it's mostly FB ads for paid and Linkedin and FB groups for organic. We average about $6 per lead.

We also do cold calling but that's difficult to outsource long term, in my experience.

Just curious: What do you guys do to prospect?
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    As a marketer, I use Linkedin & paid Insta for business, you can make connections, generate leads, promote your brand, share your ideas and content, or can also drive traffic to your website.
    Linkedin gives business opportunities to connects with business leaders & entrepreneurs.
    From a business perspective, Linkedin offers a great opportunity. You can market your business on Linkedin for free by creating a LinkedIn business page.
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    I use FB, linkedIn and Tiktok for organic, I also run money competitions and incentives with a clear call to action that incentivises my audience no purchase necessary. That tends to work amazingly
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    Have you considered email scraping cold email?
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    B2B I use LinkedIn. For Ecom / Affiliate - FB, Google / YT

    As for my digital marketing agency I prefer to manually scrape (with some homemade implemented shortcuts).
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  • Linkedin and Facebook Groups give the best results. can help with connecting you face to face with your prospects. Make connections with influencers in your niche. A more organic, long-term strategy - get your name/business published in magazines in your niche.
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    Linkedin gives you a heck of alot of information.

    I like to create some type of Resource/PDF related to that industry and offer it to them complimentary.
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