What is a Good CRM with SMS Text Message Capability?

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There is already a good post listing a slew of CRMs at https://www.warriorforum.com/main-in...lue-money.html.

But, let's face it. If you can't send text messages from your CRM, you're using an outdated CRM. That's me. I need to migrate to a CRM that I can send segmented very short text messages to my opt-ins and clients like "Just sent an email. Go open it!" Well, not that mean though.

So far I've investigated:

Get Response uses Call Loop
Click Funnels, High Level (and its affiliate Pipeline Pro) use Twilio
Pipedrive uses Sakari

I haven't found anyone yet that has developed their own SMS to work inside their CRM, which makes me fear the SMS companies are will charge a LOT more that I expect when I send a text message out to even 1,000 on my list. I really fear what they might charge if I send a text to 20,000!

Some pricing is hard to determine but it looks like SMS charges are between $.03 and $.50 per message sent.

Can anyone with experience relying on text messaging and CRM share their experience with SMS pricing and CRM capability?
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    Didn't look at the list on the link you posted...

    I've used Sendinblue and their rates are great.

    You can do just about everything without breaking the bank...

    20,000 text messages would cost you a little over 1 cent each ($228.00 in U.S.).

    Not sure you can find a cheaper rate for text
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    Sendblue looks good. I hadn't come seen that one yet so thanks. I did see a rather negative report about the initial setup requiring some sort of vetting/authorization of what sounded like a domain name reputation ranking.

    Then I saw a comparison between Sendblue and another one I hadn't heard of called SendPulse, which looks interesting because they have some sort of push notification to subscribers' computer screens it looks like.

    So many options, so hard to choose.

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      I got a good amount of the way through setup with SendPulse and discovered they don't have a built-in captcha for the opt-in forms their system produces code for. They have double-opt-in of course, and captcha kicks in after 100 opt-ins in a day (goofy requirement) but no captcha on regular opt-in forms. Might have to keep looking. I like their push notification process though. I was impressed however that support responded to my online chat request at 4pm on a Sunday, which is definitely rare in this space.

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    CRM SMS integration is when your business texting platform and CRM system are connected via their APIs. With an SMS CRM integration, the two platforms can speak to one another, enabling them to share and sync data. Pro tip: CRM SMS integrations aren't the only SMS integrations out there.
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