XSitepro Publishing Issue - Any Experts? Help!!!

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Hi all,

I've been "a-tinkering" today - well I'm half way through open-heart site surgery but it's come home to roost on me.

I'm using a dynamic nav menu structure on an Info Bar and all seems to render well in IE and Opera but in Firefox...the info bar, left hand sidebar and main panel are all aligned to the left of the site (which is supposed to be centered).

I hope one of you know the secret sauce to apply to line this up as it's driven me somewhat nuts.

Appreciate any advice to shed some light on this one. I'd pull my hair out if I had any ;-)

The site is as in the sig.

Thanks in advance,
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    Hi Tom

    The first release of XSitePro2 had a few bugs regarding Firefox display. Have you tried downloading the latest version? FYI you just go into the "help" area and check for updates.

    TOP TIP: To browse the forum like a Pro, select "View Classic" from the drop-down menu under your user name.

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      I had the similar problems with the initial release of v2. An upgrade to latest version fixed it.
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    Well, I see the dead horse lying there and I just can't help myself. I am going to beat this dead horse right now.

    I too had the same sort of issues and upgrading to the latest iteration took care of the problem. But... it was not through the upgrade function in the program. I had to put in a ticket with the support system and the very nice folks over there directed me to a forum post where the put up the most recent updates.

    Since I do not know how the folks at xsitepro would feel about sharing that link here, if you don't have it just send in a support ticket. They are really good about getting back to you.

    -Scott Voss
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      Thanks to all for the response.

      I upgraded and alas no joy.

      Downloaded Flock to see if it behaved better (based on Firefox codebase) but still no joy. Found out then the rest of the site and only the home page was affected.

      So dug into source and did side by side comparison (tedious when looking at different file content) and found the culprit...

      Somehow there was some injected table code into the home page (part of the page source rather than the page layout).

      So upon removal (and refreshing browsers cookies/cache) all back to normal.

      Not much fun doing the equivalent of a binary search and destroy to find these things but at least it's done and dusted. Can't complain about the tool as it's pretty good all in all and there will always be bijou bugettes!

      All the best,
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