Yext updates its site search algorithm, and adds experience options

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0 replies says that the low-code ETL tool makes data unification on sites easier and more comprehensive.

AI search company Yext, which powers site search for many businesses, just announced an update to its search algorithm update along with some key feature additions. The release includes revamped test search and experience training, and also a reimagining of the company's data connector and app frameworks. Marc Ferrentino is Chief Strategy Officer at Yext:

"As business information evolves and the questions customers ask become more complex, it's critical for businesses to have a search experience that can learn, evolve, and embrace that complexity in order to serve their customers well. With each release, the algorithms powering Yext's AI search platform get smarter and stronger, empowering businesses to optimize their search experiences even further and continue providing customers with the best answers to their questions."
The Phoenix algorithm update enables businesses to analyze and "rerank" the best-performing search results. In this way, it takes into account the likely search results that visitors to a site have looked for most recently and shows them first in the search window, cutting down the time it takes for users to find the information they need.

With the data connector update, businesses can now use a low-code "extract, transform, load" (ETL) tool that businesses can use to extract data to be analyzed in other platforms. The search experience training and test search enable businesses to test the search experience on their properties in the way that customers see them and use them.

This could be something you'll want to check out. While marketers like to see their customers spend a lot of time on their digital properties, it should be meaningful time, not time wasted. If customers are getting frustrated when they can't find the right information after too many searches, they might not spend as much time with your site in future visits. They might instead turn to a competitor with a better search experience on their site.
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