How contact tracking tech can reconnect brands with former customers

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A new article on reports that technology can help companies find B2B contacts -- including marketers -- that have changed jobs.

This article says you may have great clients, loyal to your product or service, but asks how you stay in touch with them when they switch jobs. Ellie von Reyn is Conductor's Director of Demand Generation:

"Our customers love our technology and our service team. We've got thousands of customers, but marketers switch companies every couple of years. We wanted to reach out to this loyal user base, but we didn't have an easy way to do that."
Automated contact tracking turned out to be the answer for Conductor. Whether you call it "labor market fluidity" or "job hopping," the trend is clear -- people change jobs more frequently now than in the past. In 2016. For companies that sell goods and services to B2B clients, the high rate of job churn means that today's contacts may have moved on by next week (or tomorrow.) Conductor, an enterprise SEO and content management platform, caters to marketers -- meaning, they tend to switch jobs frequently. Von Reyn began researching tools that could help automate this process and ultimately found a solution:

"We found UserGems, a tool that essentially does the heavy lifting for us. The technology identifies when contacts from our existing customers move to a new company. We're now able to automate email campaigns that get in front of previous users -- we call them our past-user campaigns.

We connected UserGems to Salesforce. We did some preliminary training with our revenue organization to get them up to speed about what we were doing and where these new contacts were coming from. They didn't have to learn anything new because the information was in Salesforce, a tool they were already using."

"The entire process is automated. We can reach out via email to congratulate them on the new role and see if we can be of any help at their new company. We include marketing messaging and communications from our revenue organization. Typically we share new assets and creative content like invitations to webinars. This enables us to get our marketing materials in front of former users, but also leverage custom messaging acknowledging that the contact has worked with Conductor in their past role and offering to help them in their current role."
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