Strategies for improving customer retention

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There are some strategies I'd recommend:
  • Talk to them on a regular basis; see if they have problems/suggestions/feedbacks
  • Give loyalty points/awards
  • Consistent and open communication
  • Personalised content

Feel free to add yours.
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    I think what matters the most is their share of voice. They should be heard and their suggestions should be incorporated. Also, what they want should be the core focus, instead of forcing your product/service on them.
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    Giving your clients the best possible service can make them stay with you. Listen to them, share them, serve them the best way you can.
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  • An excellent side effect when you ask for customer feedback is giving you ideas for new products that meet their changing needs. Your business won't stagnate if it grows with the needs of your market.
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    You pretty much summed it up .Incentivize like you have said and that will create more curiosity .
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    i used to have a paid newsletter.

    They started the subscription to learn marketing strategies. They stayed because they felt they had a relationship with me.

    People abandon companies without a thought. But they don't abandon people they think they have a relationship with.
    One Call Closing book

    "Those who know that they are profound strive for clarity. Those who would like to seem profound to the crowd strive for obscurity" Friedrich Nietzsche
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    As for communication, then I totally agree with this point. Actually, customer retention is one of the most significant parts of every business. Various sales, sale coupons, promocodes or promo sales, they are very effective in these terms. Moreover, the main here is always listen to your customer. You can make a special field for reviews on your website, where consumers will share their experience about working with your company. It's pretty easy to detect drawbacks in your policy, when customer point at them. Of course, you should listen to those customers who really think that something should be changed not only because they didn't like it.
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    this is hard for me, its hard to build a relationship with people for me nowadays, alot of past trauma comes up on my side, so i guess people kind of sense that out of me

    but these are great tips, im going to implement asking questions to the customers and seeing where else they struggle, as well as forgoing the steve jobs route and instead of "telling them what they want" make them the priority, kind of like how Jeff Bezos does it

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