Best way to sell downloadable squeeze pages

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Let's say I want to sell downloadable squeeze pages that have an optin form.

What would be the best format to offer them in?

I can't offer them as templates of a page-design WordPress plugin like Elementor, because I can't zip those up and host them on my server for download.

I can't offer them as simple HTML pages, because it can be a nightmare for some people to edit the HTML to integrate with their favourite autoresponder.

So, are there any other options available?

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  • You can make it a web app which they will register on your server for them to start using it.

    Just like a membership website but offering service of pre-built squeeze pages.
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    "Whether you think you can or you can't you're right." - Henry Ford

    I know of one plr vendor on warriorplus that launches PLR on a serial basis; Profitexperts.

    All they've been selling since I've been watching them (for the most part) is lead magnets and squeeze pages. I guarantee they are just simple HTML pages maybe with a bit of css.

    There's nothing wrong with selling HTML squeeze pages. The thing is, your potential customer(s) may have to deal with a learning curve to get those uploaded.

    The simple answer is to give them a video and a write up of exactly what they need to do. Yeah, some people might not bite because of the work or they're hesitant but, if they really want to use the squeeze page they'll have to do it themselves or pay someone else to do it.

    Either way, this should not stop you from creating these pages. One marketer (Liz Tomey) tends to make it very clear where the optin code should go. She does something like this:


    You could also do the same. Don't limit yourself here. Explore all options to the fullest.
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    I would suggest you just roll it out instead of overthinking. The only person who can vote whether you're doing it correctly or not is the person that pays you. In short let your customer vote your product with your wallet. Then optimize on how to sell best based on the feedback you collect from people buying from you.

    Either way if you don't do anything you won't really know. Just find someone to buy from you. Don't over analyze.
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    Hey there... I would start with the "Majority" of sites, Wordpress right? You can simply create a "Universal Page Template" ( you can search this on Google for more info ) Doing this the end user will have no issues with editing etc, it will simply be the same as what they already have.

    Page templates are a good developers best kept secret... and the reality is they are not that hard to create. you can look here: ( ) to get a better idea how to build these.

    Hope that Helps!
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    thank you very
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