Freelance with multiple occupations, should I isolate all of them?

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Hello, I'm an app developer; I create my own apps and I do jobs for my clients in this field. I have a small brand name that has the word 'App' that I use in my website, in my emails, and my work in general.

Right now I'm also starting to create games, and I am wondering how can I fit this 'new' role in my professional life taking into account the former, I'm thinking of two possibilities:

Rename my existing 'App' business to something more general, so I can do several things. The problem with that approach is that maybe I can attract social media interactions that are interested in games, but not in apps, and vice-versa. The good part is that this is the easiest way to go.
Create a new brand name, new website, new social accounts, and put all my new games stuff in there. This is the option that would take me more effort, and I don't know if this makes sense now.
One way or the other, I guess that in the long run, I will end up specializing in the field that provides me more revenue.

So, from a marketing/business perspective, which option do you think that can give me the best results?

Thanks in advance.
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    I'm not sure if the name of your business really matters. There are far too many examples of businesses with names that have nothing to do with what they offer. I'd keep the name you have and expand your offerings and marketing under that name.
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    If you have built a reputable brand brand already it's worthwhile sticking with it. List your different service categories on your website. After all games are a type of application so it's not inconsistent with the word app.
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    Depends on the price level that you offer to the current clients, I think.
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    If you want to brand by actually mentioning what type of technology you build, I guess you could try modifying the App part of your company name, and maybe include a little subtitle underneath that conveys that you build apps and games etc. Of course, there are multiple companies who are doing just fine without including their services in their name but at the end of the, it's up to you.
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