How would You monetize information on a Child Day Care Center?

by George Wright 9 replies
Hi All,

One of my daughters is going to open up a child day care center in her home. It will be licensed for 12 children and she will probably have 8 to 10 children at all times.

I'll be in on this from the start as I talk often with my daughter. I even have done and will continue to do research for her regarding the agencies that are involved, how to buy toys and mini gym equipment, etc.

My wife is a home school teacher so she will be offering her services on teaching English and reading skills to give the little ones a little help with their kindergarten, first and second grade learning.

I intend to keep a diary on the process as my daughter (thus I) learns by doing.

We are also in contact with some day care owners who have been doing this for almost 20 years. They are a fountain of information.

I feel that there are obvious ways but I also think there might be some not so obvious ways I could work Internet Marketing in to the mix to earn some extra income.


From the standpoint of reports, eBooks, forums, blogs, other ideas, etc. how how would you recommend I monetize this. (aside from collecting day care fees of course.)

Thank you in advance,
George Wright
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    Off the top of my head


    Make Videos of various types of craft projects and exercises and games the kids play
    (If you put the kids in the videos GET RELEASES FROM PARENTS!!!)

    Write about adventures in daily life of a daycare worker

    Put Adsense on the blog

    Promote different affiliate products like running a home daycare center, crafts for kids, Discovery Toys... etc from the blog

    Keep track of all special activities that the daycare will put on. Christmas Peagants, Halloween Parties, etc., video tape these events, sell the videos to parents and to distant relatives via the blog.

    That's all I have right now. If I think of more, I'll send you a PM.

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    I would use a blog to post useful info regarding parenting and also things that effect children that age.

    I would have a weekly newsletter that updates important info about the business, maybe some recognition awards for the kids and such.

    As you come across items that are affiliate related you could try to sell them such as CB, but I would make sure you know the product and if its valuable or not, don't want it to bite you in the ass.

    Recommended reading books would be nice and you could have a nice amazon widget and maybe make some commisions that way.

    You could maybe partner up with a local restauraunt and offer up some discount coupons for the parents.

    You could find start a list of babysitters in the area with good reputations and help get them work, allowing the parents to get out w/o the kids once in a while.

    What do parents want? Maybe refer a local spa in exchange for a commision etc. Kinda set up mini affiliate programs within your city for businesses that compliment your daughters.

    Do things like this, and word of mouth about the biz will travel super fast and you will have a full house with a waiting list...which translates into a nice steady stream of income.

    Just some thoughts.

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      Maybe not right away, but you could use your diary of the process to create an instructional video or ebook or membership site about how to run a sucessful daycare center.

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    I know I've seen a "How to Start a Home Day Care Center" book on clickbank. I don't know how well it converts...

    But it's one of the first choices people think of when they want to stay home with their own kids.


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    Why limit yourself to ebooks, reports blogs etc?

    There are much bigger opportunities out there .

    • Create a high ticket "start your own day care business" physical product.
    • Sell franchise/licence rights to your system.
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    Hi George,

    I know that sometimes when you're looking at a business from an IM perspective it can be easy to try and shoe-horn every IM concept in wherever you can, but it's probably more appropriate to focus on a few effect things which will also help grow the business over a longer term.

    There's certainly scope for creating training materials and videos based on what works while working with the kids, but perhaps initially some articles on child learning and then an ebook which focuses on learning disabilities and simple things which can be taken into consideration when helping children learn. You could put this into a broader context (the problems that modern teenagers have and how helping them earlier can change society) and then put on some awareness raising events and speak to local radio stations about the issues in your local community and what could help (also mention you ebook/book and the daycare centre).

    Obviously there are a ton of affiliate products you could promote, but I'd look to build your own list first using articles and your ebook.

    Ultimately you can take this anywhere but just being a resource for other daycare centres and providing educational and training materials could be a lucrative business in its own right with a lot of repeat customers.

    p.s on a simpler note, you could take photos of the kids enjoying themselves and offer parents the opportunity to buy the photos (even with options for mugs, t-shirts etc), and just use Cafepress or similar if that makes it simpler. I'm sure parents miss out a lot on the things their children do while they're at work and would love a photo of the first time they drew something or said something etc..

    nothing to see here.

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