How Can You Drive More Traffic to Targeted Landing Pages?

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A new article on Search Engine Journal reports how you can drive more traffic to targeted landing pages when searches are directed to informational pages.

"How do I drive traffic to my key landing pages when it's being distributed to other informational pages? I am trying to effectively implement more keywords on my home page to drive more traffic there, as opposed to where the traffic is mainly leading to. Do I remove the content on that page and paste it onto the home page, or should I shape those pages to match my needs?"
There are some things you can do to help attract more traffic to your key landing pages:
  1. Review Rankings And Queries On A Page Level: You need to determine what each page is ranking for and the queries Google has associated with it. If you are not already, be sure to track your rankings in an SEO tool, such as Semrush, SpyFu, SE Ranking, Rank Ranger, Moz, etc. (there are a ton of great tools). Don't just look at the ranking overview, but instead drill down into what each page is ranking for. In addition, use Google Search Console to determine the queries for each page.
  2. Determine Searcher Intent: I recently identified searcher intent as one of the major areas to consider with the future of SEO (you can read more here: How Can We Prepare for What SEO May Look Like In Future?). It's not a new concept, but it just seems to continue to become more important. So, how do you figure out searcher intent? It's actually not that hard. Once you have found the queries/keywords you want to better target for the page, do additional research to see what Google views as the intent behind each of those keywords. This is where SEO tools come back in. Most tools will show you the top-ranked pages in search results for each keyword. Go through the top ten to determine the intent of those pages. Are they informational? Are they shopping pages, such as product pages?
  3. Update Internal Links: One final thing you should consider is how you are linking internally. Are you using keyword-rich anchor text to link to your internal pages? This approach will help you build a clear structure within your site and also build authority for the topics you are targeting with your landing pages. Once you have followed these steps, continue to monitor each page's rankings, as well as clicks and queries within Google Search Console.
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    Targeted ads (towards specific audience cohorts), good content, not a fan of clickbaits though but maybe experiment and see what kind of content drive people towards the landing. I'd also check what my competitors are doing, and follow a similar structure. The content really matters, regardless of the industry.
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      Yeah, well, content is still king.

      Originally Posted by Ristoriel0359 View Post

      Targeted ads (towards specific audience cohorts), good content, not a fan of clickbaits though but maybe experiment and see what kind of content drive people towards the landing. I'd also check what my competitors are doing, and follow a similar structure. The content really matters, regardless of the industry.
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    Email marketing allows you to reach out to people you already know.
    Optimize your landing page for search engine visibility.
    Allow paid search advertising to direct traffic to your landing page.
    Make contact with influencers.
    Repurpose previously created content.
    Use the power of public relations to your advantage.
    Take advantage of social media's [liberty].
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    Is that all?

    Even If I work on my content and visuals, isn't backlinks for a page important?

    Social sharing, communication and building backlinks are equally important to drive traffic organically.
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    First of all, when creating content for your website, you need to find your topics based on low difficulty high traffic keywords. Not the other way around. The way that you are suggesting to optimize content based on what you are currently ranking on can mean that you will never get any traffic onto your website. Find a keyword gap that is usually a long tailed keyword to firstly get traffic using key search or some other keyword research platform onto your website then monitor your performance on those keyword. Reinforce that with internal and external links and that should help you get organic traffic.
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    1. SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the best way to generate more traffic to your website. It allows you to make your content visible to your audience on search engines.
    2. Use Meta tags and relevant keywords so that your content will be shown for a particular query. Also, make use of anchor texts(text with clickable links) to increase visitors to your internal web pages.
    3. Run paid campaigns on Search Engines and Social Media platforms to get new visitors from the targeted area of interest and region.
    4. Do link submissions on various platforms to get backlinks due to which you can get traffic.
    5. Publish blogs with relevant topics at a specific time of interval to keep your users engaged. This will definitely help you generate more traffic.
    6. Email marketing is also a good idea to redirect people to specific web page or app. Here you can target people you already know.
    7. Do not forget to check back the analytics where you are getting traffic from and keep on updating your target audience.
    8. Monitor each web page's ranking in the Search Console. This helps you know the number of clicks your page is getting. It also helps you get information about which query is working great.
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    Go to Udimi and buy solos.
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