Subscription or one-time payment?

by WF- Enzo Administrator
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I feel like there are lots of subscription-based apps (Strava, Spotify, Apple Music, et al.). There are lots of benefits - recurring revenue, the ability to continuously add value to end-user, among others.

But are you more comfortable with the subscription and rolling release model, or are you more willing to pay one-time for a software?
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    Sometimes I like to try the monthly subscription if I'm not 100% sure I will like or use the app/tool. I want to make sure that it will truly meet the need I'm looking to fill. After testing it out and if I like it, then I may consider the lifetime option.

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    If the price is right, I would pick lifetime.
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    The hidden problem with one-time payments especially for software is that no money is kept for continued development. Then the software gets static, abandoned, and becomes out of date.

    While one-time payments look good for buyers, the problems of abandoned software aren't fun at all.

    With subscriptions, the product creator has ongoing funds to keep developing features and keep the software current.

    I have balked from buying some products that looked quite beneficial recently because they were one-time payments. Even with the copy stating the software will keep being supported I did not buy because I've been around the block long enough.
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    Jason, yes I've run into this several times too. For example, a membership plugin I use is one lifetime payment, but they pretty much don't do any updates or add new features at all and support after the first year has to be paid for.

    On the other hand, Divi from Elegant Themes has a lifetime option, but they do updates and add new features many times a year and support is included in the price.

    So, it depends.

    But due to past experience, I don't think I will ever buy a lifetime purchase if it's a theme, plugin, software, etc. that'll need updates through this forum, JVZ, W+, CB ever again. The only way I'd consider it is if they had a proven track record of keeping their stuff updated.

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    Subscription for sure, it's a way better idea from a business perspective and especially if you sell the business (incomes vs lots of customers to support)
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    It depends but i prefer to buy one time rather with on going subscriptions.
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    I prefer a subscription plan. Subscriptions grant me continuous access to the service. I could listen to the newest updates and access a large content library. I could use one account on different devices, such as PCs or phones. Some might argue that it offers no ownership of the songs, and no offline services if I have no premium account. But I use DumpMedia Spotify Converter to rip songs I want. It's possible to play songs offline. One-time payment seems will not bring long term cost, but I can't not enjoy some new songs.
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