Need A Wordpress Genius !!!

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Hi War Room members!

If genius is too strong a word... how about high-level competent (LOL).

I'm temporarily mired in the Wordpress learning curve.

I'm ready to complete a simple affiliate review blog:

I'm new to Wordpress... so I purchased Rosetrees' (Carol Smith) Atahualpa Theme Tutorial (excellent)... but my WP inexperience is in my way now! (LOL!!!) :confused:

The initial blog content is written, edited and ready for publishing (review and article).

  • 1. This will be a REVIEW blog;

    2. Plan to post articles about each of the benefit programs offered;

    3. Plan to moderate visitor comments;

    4. Review Blog will refer visitors to affiliate website for further details and subscription;

    5. List - yes - plan to include opt-in form and autoresponder;

    6. Marketing - backlinks, classified ads, seo, article distribution, directories, heat maps, press releases, social networks, video (implement 1 by 1)

I would appreciate it if someone would analyze with me what the blog needs in terms of plugins, widgets and configuration... and then just supervise me doing the work so the learning curve is accelerated up the hill... and transcend the "stupid stage" into the "light". (LOL!)

Please f
eel free to PM me if you can walk and talk me through this... phone communication would definitely be most efficient and appreciated.

Thank you much for the PM's I've received!!!

Thanks much in advance!!!

#atahualpa #genius #wordpress

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