ClickBank Unable To Receive Payments?

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Has anyone here not been able to purchase a Clickbank product within the E-business & E-marketing section the last few days?

Myself and two people I work with have tried putting orders in with two CB vendors and have had our payments declined. Namely for payingsocialmediajobs and clickwealthsystem.

I spoke to a CB support agent yesterday and was told that he personally received a memo the day prior that some of their top vendors were having problems receiving payments, but would not elaborate.

I am trying to narrow down the problem and so far no payments are being accepted by these two CB vendors, using PayPal or credit card. I heard back from one vendor and was given an alternative digitstore24 link to join through but they would not elaborate on whether there was a CB issue or not (I'd prefer to use ClickBank)

I can confirm that these two CB vendors accepted orders 4 days ago with no issue, but the last 3 days none have gone through.

Any insight would be very much appreciated!
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