Do you think Clickbank is still the best?

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When it comes to Affiliate Marketing and selling digital products online to make commissions?

And what was your method to make the best sales?

My best method was to blogging and SEO.
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    I don't know about the best, but it's certainly one of the oldest and well-known. It's also very easy to be accepted and there is clear information on how popular and successful any vendor might be.

    Success here is pretty much the same as any other internet venture: Blogging, YouTube videos, paid advertising, Facebook page, email list, tweets, posts and a decent budget to continue.

    The only caveat I would mention is that Clickbank has a reputation for including some dodgy companies within their portfolio. Perhaps the reputation is overly exaggerated, but more than a few potential buyers can be dissuaded from purchasing because of that reputation. In more than a few situations, Clickbank product pages have a Web 1.0 interface and it can easily be deduced that this is an offering from supported by them. Just be discerning in your affiliate marketing choices.
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    many options for marketplaces, digital vs physical products, aff vs dropships etc.
    need to find your cuppatea first I think.

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    Many options available now than when Clickbank use to be major a decade ago! Not saying they fell off but yeah there are so many options now - i personally use CPA and PPC.
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    I don't know if its best but I really trust their products
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    people still promote
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    Many affiliate programs have come and gone over the years but Clickbank has stood the test of time. I personally like them, they are consistant, many of their vendors have been with them for years and people are still making good money with Clickbank.
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    Yes. Clickbank is still a good marketplace for promoting offers. It would be better if you set up a funnel, build a list of email subscribers and send good products to the list. you own that traffic and send more offers over and over.

    Getting your own course is also a good strategy, you attract thousands of affiliated to do the work for you. clickbank alone has over 100.000 affiliates and 4 Million monthly visitors. so there is a market and people still do the marketing.

    Once you set up a good funnel, its time to start sending traffic to get those leads and turn them into customers.
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    I am impressed by the fact that ClickBank is even still around after 20+ years live! I used to dabble with ClickBank back in 98 & 99. YOu'd think if they were poorly run or not legit they would have folded a long time ago! Just my 2 cents....
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    Clickbank is not the best.. but very reliable as far as affiliate payments!

    There are some good products and also some really bad products.

    But ClickBank in itself - is still a great provider of various produts in various niches.


    p.s. I've been with them for a loooong time - and still remember overnights huge commissions
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    They are one of the biggest affiliate platforms out there but being the best, I am not certain. They have some good products of value but a lot of low content stuff as well. You really have to dig for good value stuff.
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    Click bank is still great. I also use Google Adsense.
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      You can can get lucky with CB but these days you really have to dig for quality.

      A great health niche product to an audience that trusts your recommendations will do well.

      But chronic refunders and rehashed content is plentiful.

      I highly recommend to flip the script an create your own product an have your own affiliate army selling for you in your sleep.

      Need an idea for a product?

      "How To Succeed on Clickbank. "

      High gravity score here you come.

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    It boils down to the psychographics of your target market.

    I used to be a mover and shaker CB affiliate but my income plummeted (and so many others) but it was a blessing in disguise because I stumbled on high-ticket offers with almost zero refund rate. That pretty much seals the deal posing as a viable business decision and a sound investment.

    Almost nobody talks about how *terrific* the product is that makes people tick. Most people I refer to a product whim the credit card like a knee-jerk reaction. I am not a "salesman" per se but an evangelist. I walk the talk because I use the product and can explain it from any imaginable angle.

    So per your question, I think my name should be on a higher payroll. Cookie cutter products are dime a dozen and the breeze comes from a mile far. Why don't you TEST and see if CB is the "best" for you? In fact why don't you SPLIT TEST which program performs the best.

    So no I don't personally use them in my present promotions.

    George Troy Marketing on Youtube

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    Clickbank is a great place to start for new affiliates to get their feet wet with affiliate marketing.

    And there are great products there that you can sell.

    Me personally, I don't use them anymore.

    Reason is that most of the products there pay you a one time commission and that's it.

    I want to work with products that pay me residual, higher ticket, and from other people's efforts. That's just me.
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    Thank you.

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    Well i dont think its an affiliate company in general and its about your experience in driving traffic ,how good you are as an marketar etc .If you are good in marketing you dont need clickbank as you can find products in any niche .But related to clickbank i think its a good company as people promote products all the time you see people everywhere speaking about it

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    There is one similar like CB but you need to pay One dollar registration that is DigitalStore, inside actually some products are the same in CB but CB more.
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    The trick on clickbank is to find that one product which is worth promoting it...

    I personally prefer to promote things outside from clickbank from people I trust. Most of the time these products are also having a better quality.
    From Zero To Hero Online:
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