Worry Free Companies (WFC Inc.)

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Hey all,

Trying to find out who this company really is. Received direct mail letter 4 pages long telling about selling consumable products without network marketing.

They talk about three people who have made millions in this arena and WFC Inc. is dublicating their system of marketing - I guess.

One of the person, they do not mention, sounds like a person who made millions selling erectile pills on tv using informercials and then was later raided by the government. Not sure, but would like to know more about this company if anyone knows.

They say pay for $6.95 shipping and they will send out information and bill you later if you decide to keep. That I will not do if possible.

I do not know if they are criminals and will charge my credit card or do a checks by fax on me for the rest of the amount they are asking for - $59.95.

If you have info on this please respond. Oh, they call it the instant-millionaire-maker system. they talk about oxygen radical absorbance capacity and states their product is listed in the physicians desk journal.

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