Chrome will show updated pricing in the tabs grid on mobile

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A new article on Search Engine Land reports that Google announced more Lens integration for Chrome as well as the rollout of the "Your carts" card.

The mobile Chrome browser will show updated pricing for products inside a user's open tabs grid, Google announced Thursday. Alongside that update, the company also announced other shopping-oriented features for Chrome, including Google Lens integrations and the rollout of the "Your carts" card. Price drop notifications in the open tabs grid on the mobile version of Google Chrome.

More than half (54.8%, as of Q1 2021) of website traffic worldwide comes from mobile devices. Being able to view, at a glance, whether pricing on a product a user is interested in has changed helps eliminate the need to refresh the page and may also move them towards a purchase. Shifting from promo codes and coupons to simply updating the pricing right on the product page may help retailers test out how well this feature works for them. The "Your carts" card may help to remind users of their abandoned carts, but they'll also have to remember to scroll to the card to see it.

And, the Lens integration is one more way that Google is trying to make multimodal search work for e-commerce queries. Highlighting price drops in Chrome tabs on mobile. The Chrome browser on Android will highlight updated product prices in the open tabs grid (shown above). This enables users to see whether the price of a product they were previously looking at has changed. This feature will roll out for Android users in the U.S. this week and will launch on iOS in the coming weeks. The "Your carts" card rolls out. First announced in May 2021, the "Your carts" card is now available for Chrome users on Windows and Mac in the U.S.
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