Google now lets you place products at the top of your local and Maps listing

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A new article on Search Engine Land reports that Google Business Profiles now let's you mark a product as special to pop it to the top.

Google Business Profile, formerly Google My Business, has a new feature in the products section that lets you mark a product as "special." After you mark a product as special, that product will be moved to the top of the products you listed in your Google Business Profile listing.

There's a new setting in the Google Business Profile products section that says "Mark as Special." It says "products marked Special are shown at the top of the page." The "Mark as Special" feature in Google Business Profile.

Clearly, some local SEOs and businesses wanted a method to promote products to the top of the page. This gives them a way to feature one or more products higher up in their Google local search listings and Google Maps listings.
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    This isnt new... But many in the marketing world dont pay attention to such things. Google is PUSHING Local more and more and giving benefits to those that use it. The issue here is there will come a point of saturation of use. ALL of the product features right now given to Google Business Profile listers will at some point become paid options.

    I believe as it works right now products are listed as newest first.. and the option to make things "Special" allows a preference / priority in listing.

    Here is a Google link that better describes the feature: ( )

    Keep in mind, this does NOT list your products in the top "Shopping" section, it lists them in your business profiles "Product Catalog" so technically no SEO benefit, in terms of products being listed... BUT the more options that are available to use within Google, might give you an upper hand in local ranking, or squeezing your way into the 3 Pack
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