A Statistical Split Tester Tool Warning

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Punch Line:
Don't use this Vertster.com tool. It can be misleading:
Google Adwords CTR Validity Tool

Story: So I've been split testing and trying to determine statistical confidence with the Vertster tool for a few days now and it kept telling me:

"Your results do not indicate statistical validity yet .. keep testing"

I got more and more suspicious and soon found out that non-verster tools can tell a different tale entirely! For the CTRs listed below, one tool says 99% confidence the other says 100% while vertster still says "keep testing"!

So I wanted to share the warning with other Warriors not to use the Vertster tool. Nothing against verster.com in general but I think I'll stick with the other tools

Good Luck.


Results of other tools:
gives 99% certainty.

Split Test Accelerator: Faster Ad Testing Now!
says 100% certainty!

Google Adwords CTR Validity Tool
Vertster says:
"Your results do not indicate statistical validity yet! Keep testing!"

Feel free to try it for yourself with my numbers:
Values for item A
Clicks 27
Impressions 74
CTR% 36.49

Values for item B
Clicks 4
Impressions 70
CTR% 5.71
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