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Wondering if anyone can help point me in the right direction. We have a client who is a small Bed & Breakfast / Motel that has over 600 Airbnb reviews from real guests. This has been built up over a number of years.

However, they have recently signed up to craete Tripadvisor and Google business profiles.

Is there a service that can individually copy / paste the Airbnb reviews to their trip advisor and google business profiles? This would need to be drip fed perhaps 3 reviews twice a week so the full 600 reviews are applied gradually over a period of months. The reviews would need to be posted in the same name as the person who reviewed on Airbnb to keep them authentic and real.

The client is unable to contact guests directly to ask them to leave reviews as they don't have permission to do so under airbnb terms and in many cases, the reviews were left so long ago - contact details are no longer available.

Thanks in advance!
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