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The reason I am sitting here in deep thought before my computer tonight escapes me.

My mind is plagued, tormented by more than one immediate need or another and still I sit, staring blankly into the monitor.



Concentrating intently yet without clear focus on something that lies just outside the edge of my conscious reach.

It haunts, tempts, cajoles me with taunting to peer closer, to realize its secret, its identity, and yet terrifies me with threats of disappearing before I am able to fully recognize the greatness of whatever "it" is.

Frustrated, I leave my seat time and time again only to return, each time more determined than the last to focus.

To see.

To know.

What is this mysterious "thing" that implores me to come back, to pay attention, to have a care and be ever so watchful - more watchful than ever I have been in my life?

Deep down, I know what it is, this tantalizing creature which ever tempts, promising great delight and unfathomable relief ... if I will but put a name and face to it.

It is the answer.

Not just any answer, but "the" answer.

The final, tiny piece of an intricate puzzle that has taken years of careful examination and the fitting together of thousands of intricate jigsaw shapes in trial-and-error fashion to complete.

This answer, she hovers, fully there, and yet ...

... a mere fraction of a hands breadth out of reach at the same time.

I must capture it!

The urge to do so is like a raging fire within me, a blazing inferno of determination - an obsession, wild and unchecked.

There is no other choice.

Aye, I must capture it ... but how?

* * * *

Just wanted to let all of you know I understand how frustrating it can be, to desperately want to know the answer to your problems and have that answer sit somewhere close, but right outside your reach.

Hang in there.

Don't give up.

She cannot hide forever.

Be patient, and you will both have her name and see her face, for she is wisdom - and what is wisdom but knowledge applied?

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    Hi Tinkerbell,
    (The Idea Fairy)

    What is the question? :p

    ...and what is wisdom but knowledge applied?

    Answer:Wisdom is what you learn from the results that occurred after applying your knowledge, and..
    Knowing when to apply the 'fresh new wisdom' in the future.

    Every Day Is Fun! :)

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    Happy_Balance, the question is "How?"

    Aaronsnider, JMPruitt, thank you.

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    YW tinkerbell,. its always great to see a post like that
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    I just wanted to let some people know that there are still folks who know what they're going through, and who understand. Hope I managed it.

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    if this is how you write your articles, I am going to order some soon.
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    Aaron, I'm looking forward to it.

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      Once, in a moment of extreme benevolence, Patrick Pretty awarded the sobriquet, "wordsmith", to me.

      Tonight I pass the mantle to you.

      Thank you,

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    Elmer, I'm at a loss for words.

    Thank you.

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    Brad, Ssshhh!

    I have written copy a few times, yes, but don't tell anyone.

    You know, words have such great power. People should use them for the greater good when they can ... like in this post.

    The goal was to let people who were feeling frustrated, down, and on the verge of "quitting IM" know there are others out here who both know and understand their feelings.

    There are people out here who care.

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      What a beautiful, moving and inspiring post. It is with such introspective reflection that 'soldiers' become 'warriors.' With education comes knowledge, but only with experience does one attain wisdom. Tina, obviously, you have the experience of an old soul who has battle scars that prove your grit.

      Congratulatios, and thanks for the inspiration.

      The Recon Report
      Reliable Results, Predictable Profits
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    Thank you. Your response is equally touching, and holds a very key phrase for those who struggle. "Only with experience does one attain wisdom".

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        Nice poem Mark. For a moment, I thought it a Thoreau passage I had not read.

        The Recon Report
        Reliable Results, Predictable Profits
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          And to quote the Raven "nevermore..."

          That is some nice writing there! I swore I was reading Edgar Allan Poe.

          You must do well with article writing. Hell you could write books and get self-published on Amazon with little cost.

          Nice post.

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    Mark, that was beautiful! Thank you for sharing it.

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    Mike, I have written two books, one of which is now out of print, but the other one is selling on Amazon -- not self-published though.

    Thank you for the compliments. I have a terribly low blush tolerance and you fine warriors are doing your part to keep my cheeks glowing a rosy sheen of red.

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    Very lovely post, Mark.

    Every minute, I was there.

    Thanks for the fishing trip! I enjoyed it -- but not near as much as the moments of simple, quiet solitude spent drinking in the beauty and serenity of a place I've never been.

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    Tina (aka Tinkerbell...The Idea Fairy),

    Thanks for reaching out to the forum with your OP. There are many here on the WF that do care and want to encourage those that are struggling. And not just necessarily the folks just starting out, but those who have been at it for a while and have hit that wall.

    You did a great job of outlining the wall, I have been struggling to get over for several months. Not the one of giving up, but the one of knowing which way to continue to develop my current business.

    I have bounced around with one thought after another and not being able to focus upon one specific way. My mentor and a couple of other people have brainstormed 1 way after another. Frustrating yes, but good for the soul.

    It always helps to hear how others are feeling and have the same ups and downs that make an internet business challenging, interesting, lucrative and perhaps most of all personal satisfaction in a job well done.

    Ken Leatherman

    The Old Geezer
    Ghost Writing Services Coming Soon

    So Check Out My WSO
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    The search for direction is common to all of us -- until we find it. And then we excel. A few weeks ago, I was in the familiar predicament of standing at a crossroads where many have stood before me. I turned and in every direction lay another path, and another. My dilemma? Which path to take?

    It was one of the warriors here (thank you Andy Henry) who probably provided the most help to me at the time. How? We had a nice long chat over Skype -- but not related to marketing. We shared some very deep conversation on an "out there" subject, and I ejoyed it very much.

    How did it help? I was surprised to discover someone else "out there" who considered things on a level much like me ... and who weren't afraid to talk about it.

    There are others out there who feel, who think, who want and need and agonize over the same things -- and wonder if there's another human on the planet who understands where they are at.

    I just wanted to say, with this post, "Yes. There is. And yes, I do."

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