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I am an internet novice so if I am in the wrong forum, I apologize.

My site: generates leads for my home building business.

Right now I have a fly in form coming in and I am converting about 6-10% of the traffic that comes to my site. (a conversion is someone who sends me name, address, serial number etc...)

Here is my question, I am thinking of going to a site that is simply a site that asks people to opt in like Eben Pagan does:

Get Altitude - Sold Out where I give them my pricing info in exchange for opting in.

What do you warriors think? Do you think my conversion rates would improve?
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    Wow.. its a really nice site you got there...
    You will want to do some split test before you go into full transiton..
    Just use some script to send half or ... % of your traffic to your new eben like pages... (If you use adwords, you know that you can do a b c testing)
    If the eben like page convert more for you, then you might want to consider it.
    If it doesnt serve you well. Just stick with your current page and think of other alternatives. Its hard to tell whether your conversion will improve, cause all traffic is not created equal. Its kinda different in every single niche. There is no rules to follow here.
    All you can do to answer your question was just finding the answer urself..
    Do some testing..
    Good Luck..
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      Hey Vince,

      Glad you liked my site. Thanks for taking the time to look at it and giving me the great advice and I will try that.

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    Originally Posted by michaelzenga999 View Post

    Here is my question, I am thinking of going to a site that is simply a site that asks people to opt in like Eben Pagan does:

    Did you mean instead of filling out as many information as people would on your current form, people would just fill in name and email like on Eben's website?


    Not as much content as your current site, but one looks like Eben's (one page) while filling out same amount of fields on the opt-in form?

    If you're simply needing to collect many email subscribers, then sure, less field the higher conversion you could probably expect.

    I did a test and after taking out "name field" from subscription, opt-in rate went up significantly so I am sticking with that method myself -- in other words, one field = email.

    If you're not too concerned about personalization (which people probably know you're not addressing directly to individual recipient today) then leave email address only.

    But I didn't invent this and want to give credit to Ryan Deiss' case study and also tried it myself. Here is a link for Ryan's video >> Increase opt-ins by ditching the name field | Driving Traffic
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