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It is a good idea to leverage other sites. But it is not a good idea to rely for traffic on one site.

This is the link to a 100 million dollar business that went bust due to one FaceBook algo tweak.

Just a reminder.
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    Stories like this are dime a dozen... and I am not saying that to suggest ok whatever to the post... your post brings up an interesting scenario... IE putting all of your eggs in one basket. What gets real interesting here is most people dont understand the why - as in WHY this happens... and with that they simply try to adjust to the new reality / algo tweak and stay on the same path.

    So the WHY... The REAL reason there are Algo changes that diminish "reach" on social platforms ends up being traffic... The more users... the more that is shared and the more data that is having to be thrown around. You can historically look back on each and every social media platform and see there are "Algo Changes" as the platform grows. There are specifically examples of platforms ending at their height. And ALL of this has to do with bandwidth.

    Much like paying for hosting... more traffic means you have to get a more expensive plan. No where within the entire chain of "Traffic" is traffic free. on ALL ends of the spectrum... traffic has an expense.

    What these platforms are controlling is the amount of bandwidth across the entire platform. 10 people with 10 shared pieces of content is 100 pieces of content across the 10 people. amplify this to 1,000,000 people and 3 pieces of content your at 3,000,000+ take that to 10,000,000 and your are at 30,000,000+ and I say plus because we have all seen it where a piece of content is shared 10X 100X 1000X so 10,000,000 users could be 1,000,000,000 pieces of content running around. Thats a kick ton of server space and bandwidth.

    So the easiest way is to accomplish less bandwidth is to limit "Reach"

    Any new social media platform will follow these same patterns... they will grow, and they will reduce reach.. they will grow more and they will reduce reach. Search engines do the same thing... it just looks different.

    Mobile users will see only mobile websites... desktop will only see desktop... not so much the case NOW.. but at its inception it was. Responsive was a kink.. someone, somewhere outsmarted the system.

    But look specifically at Google... type "Dentist" and what do you see? you see a bunch of local by geography results. Google broke a search engine in Search engine(S)... IE plural - meaning each country has its own version... the States has one... Canada has one, Japan has one, France has one, Australia has one... there are 219 separate little Googles in the world.

    So there you are in Germany or India or New Zealand, and trying to rank in the States... its not so easy... even with selecting your desired target country, you still will be an outsider - you will be a victim of a Algo Change that controls REACH.

    There was a time where the internet made the world a smaller place... but NOW, the internet as much as it has made the world "Smaller" it has by necessity in terms of bandwidth amplified your 25 mile radius around you appear bigger.

    We all read it time and again... Google ruined my business... or Facebook ruined my business... Sure enough, they did just that... and the ONLY reason they did that was because you are not understanding the underlying unspoken dynamic that actually drives these changes.

    If you are starting a new site or a new business... you NEED TO target locally first. "Local" bypasses all of the REACH issues - on ALL platforms

    What does this look like? I can tell you from personal experience what this looks like... You start a site on say selling Generators... you get a business license and a bank account, you build out the site as an Amazon affiliate... and you have Amazon pay you to the business account. You can do this over and over and over again - different product categories.

    Now you have a legitimate business, and can get a legit Google Business Profile and start working on local SEO... sell generators within a 50 mile radius of your office or home. Go out and find 2 or 3 local business' that install the bigger whole home generators and work out a deal to sell them leads.

    Selling leads... I do this the maybe not so easy way... I get a lead, and have a spot for ideal times... We then call the business I have a leads deal with and find a couple of available times in time proximity to what the customer wanted... We then contact the customer and set the appointment, and we then hand over the customer info to Installer.

    This takes out all of the nonsense you end up dealing with when selling leads, YOU the gatherer of the leads stay in control of the entire process.

    We work out a deal with our lead buyers that #1 we get paid for the lead, and #2 we get paid per sale. Proof of #1 is obvious... we are handing over a signed sealed and delivered appointment. #2 is as simple as a follow up call to the client... you only have to catch them ( the company you are selling the leads to ) once and maybe twice, but mostly once that you are following up... and its pretty much smooth sailing after that. Again, keeping a level of control for the entire process.

    It just so happens by virtue of the internet your page will get rank on other locations... and you will find that you make affiliate sales from across the country... Act Local, Think Global

    The moment you try and use any and every platform to reach the masses... you are just asking for trouble. Even eBay or Etsy and even Amazon gives location a consideration.

    Hope that Helps!
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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      Savidge, I agree with you, most people do not take into account the costs platforms incur.

      People forget to think about other's expenses quite often, even in the offline world.

      I come across people offering leads who do not fully, sometimes at all, understand that every lead costs a business. More precisely, who do not think that a business owner or their rep talking to a lead is a big deal.

      For the same reason people do not think their posting on FaceBook is a big deal to FaceBook.

      They go, You spend a minute on a bad lead. What's the big deal? I send some good ones.

      They do not get that the business needs to make 16 or 168 or 67890 sales a month to break even.

      Or that each sale took 7 or 48 or x minutes of someone interacting with just those who bought.

      I chose this one as an example because the company in question got rather large, had to let go 100 employees.

      Because the Response: FaceBook is the destroyer of worlds (not We made a big mistake, though the founder got to that later).

      Because it discusses FaceBook's reasons for the change (it wanted to reach a different audience and get more engagement, so spend less to get more).
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    No, we definitely shouldn't put all eggs just in one bag, especially nowadays when things change rapidly and you can't really rely on some specific site and social media which lose their profit quickly or simply stop working at some point, like we could experience with Facebook and Instagram lately. It's risky to rely only on one platform, no matter how good it is, it's always recommendable to test various options and to conclude from it what is working and what's not. I wouldn't be that brave, to be quite honest, to do advertising and promotion only on one site, that never was my tactic, and it seems that proofs for this started to appear.
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    I made this mistake a long time ago relying on EzineArticles for the bulk of my traffic. We all know how that ended up. Alot of people these days rely on Youtube solely as their means for earning income. Being that Youtube is owned by Google, can you ever see Youtube going bust? I guess some people like to rely on one traffic or income source until it goes dry, then move on to the next site or platform for generating revenue. For them money is money, and they'll deal with the consequences of their marketing pitfalls later. This is how they operate, knowing that the source could go dry anyday.
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    I don't see youtube going bust. But Google did close some of its programs. And made changes to everything.

    So, it's still better to not rely only on youtube.
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  • I am agree with you "It is a good idea to leverage other sites. But it is not a good idea to rely for traffic on one site".

    When we will go for promotion in one website then if we will do good work then definitely get good traffic but when that website will close that we will face big lost because many sites are have close many times.

    So, It is good for us we will do good promotions for the website with different different kinds of platforms,
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