Night Club Niche..How To Monetize?

by Emoney 9 replies
I just launched a "soon to be" big night club blog.

Now I didn't really think of monetizing this, but is there a
product/way to monetize a site like this?

Basically I'll post club events and whatnot, anyone got
any good ways to monetize a blog like this?

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    Sell advertising space to night clubs.

    Sell a seduction ebook geared towards picking up women in night clubs.
    Living the internet lifestyle!
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    What country are you working from and what clubs are you going to be posting.

    You need to go to the clubs yourself and give out cards to clubbers so they go there. Take pictures etc and direct them to the website so they can see them.

    Maybe get a contract with clubs so you can offer your members cheaper entry, so in effect your a club promoter.
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    I've got a great model you can emulate. Give me a few to find it...
    PM sent.

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  • Profile picture of the author Steve Iser is one of the big players. check it out.

    Been going there for years.
    Click Here To Make Super Moniessss
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    Signup and study the following email advertising concept, focusing on a particular niche consumer marketplace. Great business model and success story!

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      You absolutely positively must niche the shit out of this market.

      Truth is.....the night club crowd doesn't hang out in front of the computer lookin' for which night club to hit.

      Cuz the meat of a clubs population....knows what, where, when, who, and why...they don't need order to jump in the car half shit faced and drive to one of two clubs they hit regularly. Capiche!

      But they will hit a site..that gives them the latest dish on what hot alternative band is playing....and where and when.

      Cuz groupies.....will go to extreme measures in order to sleep with their favorite Bass Guitarist. et al.

      They'll hit the net to figure out which sports bar is going to have the live telecast of the game they bet the friggin' family fortune on...etc.

      The punk rocker chick and her girlfriend....will check out a niche site that let's them know which clubs just opened up lookin' for girls with purple hair and lots of piercing and tatoos etc.

      The X-tasy popping techno crowd...wants info on where the latest rave is....the one that the cops don't bust.

      The strip club market is huge... if you can niche it right....such as which former porn star will be dancing in Billings, Montana because she owes the IRS a lot of bling bling.

      And the Latin market continues to be over looked...because every town has one of club that caters to them exclusively.......and these folks are loyal.

      Gay and Lesbian market...huge. They're loyal.

      Niche the the night scene, baby...cuz the night club scene broad based is way too big as a whole....and it's almost impossible to make money painting a big stroke like that. But the niches within the niches are all over if you open you eyes. True.

      Good luck.

      Rock on.....

      xxx Vegas Vince
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