Make $1000 in 24 Hours

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I just got done joining in on a teleseminar of Willie Crawford's. It was called How to Make $1000 in 24 Hours. Willie Crawford did a ebook on the same subject a few years ago called Really Fast Money. I bought the ebook long ago and enjoyed it. The teleseminar is great too. You can get the audio mp3 of the call for free

One of Willie's main methods of getting a product done in 24 hours is to create a product by doing an interview or teleseminar. He talks about many methods of making a product quickly. Willie also talks about ways of getting affiliates to help promote your product. He talks about the mindset needed to make $1000 in 24 hours using his methods.
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    Thanks so much for sharing the link. I was unable to listen to it live as I had a previous engagement, and I really wanted to hear it. Thanks again.

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      You should be able to download the mp3 here also

      Willie did talk about a few subjects that I brought up. One was making sure to have proof for the product before selling it. Next, doing a service as an upsale.
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        I remember the first time I was able to do this with a product was so addicting I have never looked back...

        Try to find out as much as you can about 3 day launches, which are very profitable either as an affiliate or a vendor.

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          Any good tips Todd for 3 day launches? You can pm me if you want. Otherwise share with everyone. Thanks in advance.
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    I remember making 600 in 2 hours on my first attempt lol..
    It sure fun and Its only the beginning

    Share it here todd.. We all would love to hear some of your story too..
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      This is great stuff. A quick product launch can be a gold mine. I'm going to listen to this in the car tomorrow.
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