Should you use woocommerce or wordpress posts for affiliate sites

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Hi all,

I use WooCommerce to promote products from stores that are registered on affiliate networks. More specifically, I use product feeds. But the traffic on my sites is always falling off. Google adds so many rules, like schema rich results, etc.

I was thinking, which format is better for an affiliate site: WooCommerce or WordPress posts?
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    Originally Posted by ShopitechCo View Post

    I was thinking, which format is better for an affiliate site: WooCommerce or WordPress posts?
    Kinda pretty much technically the same thing. WooCommerce is an add on to a "Post" would be a wordpress "post".
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    For an affiliate site, any theme you like will work fine


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    It's pretty much the same if you look from the SEO part, and you can really use whatever theme or CMS you want for affiliate products and links, it won't make such a huge difference as it will work fine. But, from some logical aspect, I could say that if you are planning to make an e-commerce site where you will have pages for some specific products and add affiliate links inside of the, then it would be better to use woocommerce as you will manage things more easily there. And, if you want to write and publish some blog posts only, then classical pages will work just fine.
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    When it comes to setting up an affiliate marketing program, WordPress is the perfect platform. You can use a new or existing site to handle just about all of the work involved.
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    Technically they are similar to each other, however managing the things on woo-commerce is easier than wordpress as it is specially designed for commerce activities.
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    I would recommend you posts, articles and overviews. Doing that, customers would get explanation and understand why that product is good for them.

    WooCommerce will give them just place where to buy, but not real reason why to buy.
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    Well its the same ,i dont think its play any importance if you write with ecommerce or wordpress post .The important thing its the quality of the post
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    it goes all back to your strategy of course, but you can surely use woocommerce with your aff link, you can eaesily replace the 'add to cart' or 'buy now' button with any link with a specific plugin in wp.

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    First and foremost, I asked myself this question few years ago, I was building 2 e-commerce websites using Woocommerce. so, if you're thinking about creating a website to sell products or affiliate posts, and apparently you are wondering like I did whether to use Wordpress or Woocommerce.

    Here is my conclusion:

    Both platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it's important to carefully choose the one that's right for your needs. I learned that Wordpress is a popular content management system that offers a great deal of flexibility and customization, putting the engineering aside, which I didn't have all knowledge needed about it. this is why it can be difficult to set up and maintain, and it doesn't offer as many features as Woocommerce if you are not planning to learn this part.

    Woocommerce, on the other hand, is designed specifically for e-commerce websites. It's easy to use and comes with all the features you need to run a successful online store. However, it isn't as flexible as Wordpress and can be more expensive giving all these features come with it.

    I hope that helps!


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    Thanks to everyone who joined the discussion.

    The main reason why I opened this thread is because in the Google search console the (woocommerce) product format returns errors and warnings like:

    "Either 'offers','review' or 'aggregateRating' should be specified", "No global identifier provided (e.g. gtin, mpn, isbn)," and "Missing fields".

    But the (wordpress) post format doesn't return issues.

    I was wondering if those errors and warnings affected SEO and traffic.
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