HD digital video..Is what you use the best?

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Ok Warriors I'm putting together my best training product to date and I'm debating on what video recorder to buy( I need to upgrade-built a studio in my house). I'm definitely getting HD and I'm big on video marketing..So I guess go all out right? Before I drop the 2k to buy the one I've had my eyes on I want to hear all your recommendations. This project needs to be perfect in every way--I know that always doesn't mean the most expensive Warriors!!!

Yours in Success,

Tim Atkinson
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  • You might want to keep in mind that HD video is a beast to download and even on fast connections can be painfully long. You have to decide on a quality vs size ratio that works for you. The "Best" may actually be something mid range or cheap that you use on a tripod and invest some money in lighting and microphones.
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      All good points and I have the lighting and microphones..I don't mind going cheap. What brand would you prefer yourself?
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        Believe it or not a Kodak Zi6, which is HD, is enough, just get a really good/fast SD card so the video won't lag. However, if you are filming yourself sitting in a chair talking or something, you may not even not a fast SD Card, just large in space. There are mic/audio clips you can purchase on eBay and at Radio Shack that provides really good sound.

        Also, something to keep in mind, is that for good quality videos, your computer and editing software (I recommend Sony Vegas Video) must be able to handle it.

        Oh, an a Kodak Zi6 is only about $100 last time I checked, with a "DIY" green screen, card, decent tripod, mic, etc should only cost a little over $200 - of course, thats not including a decent computer and software for editing.
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          I bought the best prosumer level camera out there, the Canon Vixia HSF10. The quality is just on a whole different level, some great deals on them right now at Amazon.
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            Thanks for advice on what products you all like!

            I just want the videos that are laser sharp and very professional
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    Hi Tim,

    I actually use a small Sanyo Xacti and record in HD, then when processing I shrink it down to 640x360 and the extra data at higher res really smooths down nicely.

    You can see the quality in some of my WSOs right now (Operation Cash Tornado) was recorded on one of these and it only runs at $169 from Amazon. There are better cameras out there but I wanted to show my Video Assassin customers that you can do a lot on a tiny budget.

    Just my 2c

    All the best

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    Why HD?

    Most likely will be viewed on a monitor of only 72 DPI.

    Or am I missing something?

    It was suggested to me a Flip camcorder was all anyone needed at under $150

    (I got a cannon fs11 after the new ones came out so this one only cost a quarter of what it did a week earlier )
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    The Flip is a great little camera, the think I liked about the Sanyo was the image stabilizing, adaptive light adjustments as well as the face chaser and the rotating LED panel (so I could see what I was recording from the front of the camera)

    The Flip had a great internal storage capacity but was a bit cumbersome when I tested it on a tripod for filming but it's really designed as a hand-held "quick hit" camera.

    All the best

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    I went with the HD Cannon HV30 (now about $700-800) This camera is amazing! I bought a $300+ rhode NT3 mic, plus a bunch of other goodies like weighted boom pole, rhode video shotgun mic, green screen, Final Cut Pro, etc, but ended up just using the $22 audio technica lapel mic I got at amazon and imovie. This is by far the best combo I have found with ease to set up too. You might only be using about 10% of the quality of the HD for the web so it doesnt make much of a difference. But You can still have the HD tapes to create a DVD product or something like that.

    I also just bought the Flip style Kodak Zi8 and only tested it a little so far, but love it since it has external mic adapter which I use for my lapel mic. This is the only flip style cam I would ever buy because of this feature. Way better audio!

    For your budget of 2k I would go with the cannon HV30 (700), the Kodak Zi8 (149 best buy), audio technica lapel mic amazon (22), pro 3 point light kit (200-300 ebay), green screen you can buy at walmart for $30. I bought 1 there and 1 online for $100 and they both look exactly the same. You can use any cheap tripod unless you plan on doing any panning or moving it while recording like an event etc. if so buy a $185 Mathews which is amazing. You should be good with all that. Just make sure you have editing software too.

    Here is the link for the lapel mic

    Great places to find products

    Lights, green screen stuff, and more: http://www.tubetape.com/

    DV Creators: http://www.dvcreators.net/ (these guys are great and will answer all your questions and only sell what they use.

    HV20/30/40 fourm. Dedicated to this amazing camera: http://www.hv20.com/

    Great free tips on video: http://www.youtube.com/user/markapsolon
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      Dr. Dan I was smart enough to read your first reply which broke it down for me. You rock bro, many thanks
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        Originally Posted by TimAtkinson View Post

        Dr. Dan I was smart enough to read your first reply which broke it down for me. You rock bro, many thanks
        lol brother... your welcome and just to let you know that vimeo cant give that video justice. Put it this way! When I use my cannon hv30 and hook it up directly to my 40" HD TV it looks so clear that I have actually contemplated wearing makeup! lol.... It is crisper than the human eye!

        I havent hooked the Kodak up to my HD TV yet. But I will try tonight and post the results.

        I am also going to do a better test a clean up the audio noise with the kodak. The cool thing about it, is they do firmware updates and its like getting a new camera every time they do that!

        hit me up if yu have any questions. I did a ton of research and played with green screen alot. I prefer to keep it simple now and just use my bookcase as a background or something outside. Its alot faster and the lights get pretty damn hot since you must light the green screen enough and even.
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    Tim if you can afford it, personally I would recommend a Canon EOS 7D with a good lens. Something like a Sigma f1.4 30mm prime lens. This will provide you with a nice shallow depth of field (you in focus, background out of focus) and let you shoot at frame rates of either 24fps, 25fps or 30fps at HD 1080P resolution.

    The 7D has a mic input, so you can wire in a decent mic. In which case I would recommend the Rode Videomic. Since the low light performance of the 7D is quite good, you could easily get by without a lighting kit. Especially with a faster f1.4 lens, or minimum f2.8.
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    I shoot my 1080p with the Canon 5D MK 2

    I love using my SLR for video because I can use ANY lens I want

    Not to mention the image quality.
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    Man you guyes all rock and great help..now to see which one I pick..but atleast I got great advice, thanks again
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    Hi Tim,

    i have a suggestion for you.

    Canon HV30 HDV
    DSLR Nikon D90 you can check my sig for the video example with this camera.

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      I just bought the Kodak Zi8. Should be here tomorrow, I'll post some video and a review once I get the whole kit setup in.

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        Tim, I only just found this thread but I bought the Zi8 a few weeks back, I think you'll be pleased. I put a few review vids on YouTube and on my blog (look for martinpercival) but you'll be able to do your own soon

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      Just read a few reviews that suggest that the Nikons are only good for a short HD recording...the sensors get too hot as they are primarily designed for stills.

      Just a heads up.

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    here is a super quick comparison I did with my cannon hv30/ kodak Zi8, with lapel mics and no mic. Let me know what you think.
    Kodak Zi8 test on Vimeo
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      Dr.Dan your the man! Thanks so much for that video comparison and the quality is stellar..so I guess you say get the kodak Zi8 and what mic would you say I get? Thanks again
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