Do you need to be a registered business if you're just an affiliate?

by Mark Brian 5 replies
As the topic says, do you have to be a registered business if you're just an affiliate? If you're currently just a one man band doing affiliate marketing full time, do you have to be an official business entity? I figure, you don't unless you hire employees, as long as you pay your personal taxes, or no?
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    Living in Nevada, I have had corporation of my own, too... but I think you WILL know when you need to form a business entity.

    But until then, stick with just being a sole proprietor for now. Like I said, when you need to form one, you will really know it.

    The main reason I am suggesting this is when you're building a business structure, sometimes people "think and feel" like we have business going when in reality, we don't.

    Perhaps start out by just having two separate bank accounts, one for your personal use (which is your existing one) and a new one for business use. Send all of your Paypal transfer and Clickbank checks to your business one and budget your marketing funds out of the same account as well.

    Tax shelter, liability protection, stuff like that will come, but I think you will know when your business (any business, not necessarily an IM business)begins to grow to that point.
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    The law is different where you are, so this kind of question is best left for the attorneys.

    Try contactsing one in your neighbourhood.

    Like in malaysia, you dont have a specific law for that.
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      Here in Canada, for example, if your gross sales will exceed $30k per year, you must collect sales tax. In order to remit that sales tax to the government, you need to register, ie. apply for a business number. As far as I know it's irrelevent what your business is.

      - For your import/export/customs questions or problems, send PM.

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    Thanks for all your comments. I will try to contact attorneys for best advice

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