Important reminder to all marketplace vendors

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Sigh...another reminder because there are sellers who just don't seem to read the rules.

Ignorance of the rules excuses no one.

Anyway, ALL paid threads (WSO, Classified, Warriors for Hire, etc.) are subject for moderation and review before they are approved. Normally that takes 24-48 hours but may take longer when you post on a Friday or during a public holiday.

For WSO vendors, please make sure you have a visible checkout link on your sales page. By visible that means it should be legible, clear, and easily seen by everyone.

Do not copy and paste your sales copy on the WSO editor as it will include the source formatting, and will display as HTML when saved here on Warrior Forum. Please use BBCode. We have a guide here.

Offers with WarriorPlus checkouts are automatically rejected. PLR products are not allowed on the WSO section, and are automatically moved to Warrior Classifieds.

Lastly, all paid threads are valid for only one year. Initially, this only covered WSO listings but we've recently seen members bump threads posted in, say 2010, and add something like "Updated in 2022" or whatever year it is. We've decided to implement this marketplace-wide, and retroactively so that means threads that are more than 1 year old are automatically closed and deleted. We have already announced this rule update in January.

You will, of course, receive a message indicating your thread has been deleted, and the reason for its deletion.

As always, feel free to reach out Help desk for questions.
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