What are the big Differences between AdBrite and Google Adsense?????

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Hi warriors,

I'm about to launch a new website anytime soon. There's only one thing I don't know much about and that is advertising on your site. I asked one time about adbrokers and a lot of warriors give me tips to start with Google adsense.

I asked the difference between Google and Yahoo and the warriors that responded told me from there personal experiance to stick with Google.

Now I came accross AdBrite, and this is a major website according to Alexa. Does anybody have info on the difference. Or are they providing the same service as Google just a different major company, or do they do things differently? Does it depend on your niche?

I don't mind starting with Google but I just like to have more info on this subject. When I have more info I know for myself why I'm using this service or that service.

I don't have they experiance in this field, so I thought I'll ask you.

Love to hear your experiance or knowledge.

Thank you
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