How to hire and pay a designer ?

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Hi everybody,
I want to hire a designer to customize my wordpress blog. But how to pay him when it's a warrior member ? Do I have to pay him all in advance via paypal for example ? How to secure the process ?
Thank you for your precision
Nicolas From France
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    I am a designer and i usually take an advance from my client and do the work and then take the rest. We have to trust each other, therefore its none of us to decide how you do the transaction with the one you are going to do business with.

    Its best to discuss it out with him

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    Whoever it is, I'd prefer it this way. Pay 50% of the Price. Then, Ask the person you're hiring to work on the design and show you an image or so. Once, you approve it, send the rest of the payment and get the files.

    Reputed members, can be given a full Upfront payment too.



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    I agree PDJ, I'm a also a designer and I have package offers so that my clients can have options to choose from up front and know how much of a down is required to start. If the designer does not have this feature there does need to be somewhat of a trust issue, ask him how much it takes to start and always trust your instincts. If you don't feel comfortable doing it, its best that you go with that feeling.

    I hope that some of this helps in finding you designer.

    Stay Positive,
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    We are a staff leasing company and we require upfront payment. We need to gain the trust of both parties to make the job successful. It would be better if both companies would have an agreement.
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    I usually wait for the jobs get done, before charging, unless its a fairly big fee...
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