What Am I Doing Wrong...?

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I'm sure it varies from niche to niche but I've have 20-40 people coming to my website each day with no sales in over 3 weeks. I was making great sales and all of a sudden my content fell off google and my sales rate went from 1 in 40 hops to um... no sales in the past 300.

I'd really want to get this campaign back on track and although my hop rate on my site is nearly always 40-50% those hops just aren't generating sales : /

Also, if anyone who has a lot of experience wouldn't mind taking a look at my website (maybe something there is turning off the "buy it" switch) and telling me what they think I'd be happy to PM them the link and the analysis would be very much appreciated! It's a competitive niche and I don't really want to give up but maybe I'm just spinning my wheels : /

- Brandon

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