What Traffic Methods Do You Think Are The Best?

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Hello Warrior Brotha's and Sista's

I'm just curious and I'm sure others are too. What traffic method(s) do you think are the best for generating the most traffic you your website? Are you currently using these methods and what are your results? Please be as detailed as possible as your information will help others see th light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you in advance!

PS - Traffic generating methods can be both online and offline.
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    TV advertising?!

    Article marketing can be pretty good too!


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      Any form of placement that brings your website to the attention of your visitor under their own terms.

      I.E. - PPC, PPV, SEO, and backlinks

      All of these methods are successful because it starts with your potential buyer searching and/or surfing the content in which your ads/links/sites will turn up.

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        Nothing, I mean nothing has put more money in my pocket than:

        1. Paid advertising
        2. Free Publicity.
        3. Joint Ventures

        With #1 blowing everything else out of the water that I've ever tried and I've been at this for a solid decade now.

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          PPV with popup companies works the best for me because you can really target your ads based on products or websites
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    A well placed press release can bring in huge amounts of traffic in a short amount of time, but for long term free traffic SEO has got to be the king.

    PPC is also a good idea.
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    It really depends on your site.

    Some free methods would be:

    Social Bookmarking
    Article Marketing
    Blog commenting
    Guest blogging
    Video Promotions

    Pay methods

    Facebook ads

    Hope that helps.
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    PPC and Joint Ventures for me, Blogging works also
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    The best advertising advice I've ever seen came by way of "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu, (ancient Chinese general), where he teaches that when attacking attack from every possible direction.. N, S, E, W, NE, SE, NE, etc...

    Use every possible method you can get your hands on and afford. Is there a such thing as "too much traffic"?

    Hope this helps...
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    They're all good.

    It all depends on the person's personal pre-dispositions; such as strengths and abilities.

    All of them work, and to which degree depends more on the person's ability to use that traffic method than the traffic method itself.

    There are people generating massive amounts of traffic from PPC,SEO and Media Buys.

    To say one is better than the other is like saying Real Estate is better than Internet Marketing, because that's what Donald Trump does and he's a billionaire.

    Or saying that investing in stocks is better than Real Estate because that's what Warren Buffet does and he's a multi-billionaire!

    But really, the truth is, all of them are good and valid. It only depends on the PERSON using that particular method, and his abilities and skills to profit from them. And this varies from person to person.

    And you know what's the best way to find out?

    You do it!
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    Try PPV. There is a lot of heat around this traffic generation today and you should definitely start using this method. I personally don't use it, but i will soon.

    Another good traffic generating method is adswaps and giveaways. I can vouch for them, because i used them both to make a 1400+ subscribers list that is responsive.

    Try the section within this forum regarding adswaps. Do a search for 'swaps', 'jv' and adswaps.

    All the best,

    Hope this helps,
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    I'm a big fan of article marketing. This has always worked for me and some articles can drive a lot of traffic (especially ezinearticles). But I'll try to generate traffic from various sources.

    Haven't used any giveaways yet. Will try it soon.

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