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A new article on reports that formerly App Annie, is introducing a new app taxonomy and an in-app purchase SKU.

Mobile analytics provider, formerly App Annie, has announced the release of two new app-related solutions, App IQ and IAP (in-app purchase) SKU. The aim is to support growth and effective strategies in the app marketing ecosystem.

A taxonomy for the app world

App IQ categorizes some 10,000 apps across both Apple and Android app stores, overlaying a taxonomy of 19 genres and over 150 subgenres. It also provides dashboard insight into app capabilities allowing a granular comparison between competitor apps. This is expected to have applicability to the product roadmap as missing features can be prioritized for development.

Insights into consumer trends

IAP SKU provides insights into competitor strategies, price elasticity, consumer behavior and effective in-app purchase mechanisms. The aim is to help brands maximize revenue opportunities by giving them an opportunity to benchmark themselves against competitors.

Closely linked to the social commerce trend, in-app purchasing is here to stay. Once a customer has decided to convert, brands don't want to send them to a different channel. They want them to convert right where they are. This means having in-app purchase capabilities that match competitors, as well as competitive prices. These new solutions will support visibility into app performance by competitors, helping brands identify both gaps and opportunities in their app performance.
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